The Return of ME Bath, A Dermstore Favorite


Is Bathtime your favorite time of day? If not, well it will be with this new and improved line from the Makers of MeBath! Advanced Skincare by ME Bath offers new and more refined formulations that still transform your everyday bath or shower into a luxurious spa-like experience while nourishing and rejuvenating your skin.

I took a couple of these new products home to try them out and I was really impressed by their natural aromatherapy and skin-nourishing properties. Their new bath soaks look just like the original bath ice creams but feature more refined and layered fragrances like apple blossom and kumquat, frangipani and mulberry leaves, and madagascar vanilla and lavender. Their revitalizing sugar body scrubs feature the same aromas in an emollient botanical emulsion that hydrates and softens your skin as it exfoliates.

I took home the Apple Blossom and Kumquat Bath Soak and the Apple Blossom and Kumquat Tri-Functional Sugar Scrub. I use a lot of body scrubs as I have some keratosis pilaris on the backs of my upper arms and have found that the best remedy is regular exfoliation. As with the original shower sherberts, just a little of this rich scrub goes a long way so it’s a product that definitely will last.

The bath soak contains just the right amount of essential oils and epsom salts to leave your skin feeling soft and clean without a greasy residue. Bath salts are great for alleviating muscle tension after a long day or a rigorous workout. I found the aromas to be equal parts fresh, clean and comforting as well as very natural. It reminded me of what a Jamba Juice smells like, sort of a fruity multivitamin fragrance that just restores energy and vitality. I encourage you to try out ME Bath’s new collection of advanced formulations for yourself. Your muscles, skin and senses will definitely thank you for it.


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