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Monthly Archives: May 2009

4 Skin Care Musts to Get Ready for Summer!

If I had to choose one season as my favorite, it would be summer. There are just too many things to love about it; the beach, summer dresses, flip flops, BBQs, fruity cocktails, evening walks… vacations!!! On the flip side of that, there are also things about the summer time that make me want to [...]

Anti Aging Skin Care: Resveratrol

It’s been called the best anti-aging molecule by Harvard’s Department of Medicine, and has been talked about by the beloved (and quite knowledgeable) Dr. Oz on multiple occasions. Even so, many people have never even heard of resveratrol, much less understand how it works. Read on to learn about this amazing ingredient and what it can do for your skin!

Five Common Skincare Mistakes That Make a Big Difference for Your Skin

Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo, JUARA Founder Guest Blog Posting     I take pretty good care of my skin and I definitely avoid the major common no-no’s that are detrimental to skin health: I don’t smoke, I don’t drink much alcohol, I don’t go in the sun, and I put on sunscreen every day. And yet, I [...]

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Friend or Foe?

Sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS) is one of the most challenged ingredients in skin care products. Used in shampoo, soap, detergent, bubble bath and even toothpaste, it is able to thoroughly cleanse while providing a rich lather. However, it is also commonly used as a skin irritant in clinical testing. This begs the question – what is sodium lauryl sulfate, and is it safe to use?

Understanding Skin Care Ingredients: Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid, a staple in most anti aging skin care products, is a key ingredient to keep your skin looking young, but do you know how it works its magic? Let’s start with its ability to absorb into the skin. The smallest of the alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid quickly penetrates into the skin layers [...]

Rosacea Care for Clear Skin

One of the most “mysterious” skin conditions is rosacea. Even experts know very little about rosacea, making it seem scarier and more difficult to treat than it actually is. With this post, I will try to debunk the rumors and answer your questions surrounding rosacea.

Mom’s Best Beauty Advice

In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be nice to share the best beauty advice our mothers have given us over the years. So, we polled the DermStore staff and compiled Mom’s top ten beauty tips and tricks for keeping your skin looking beautiful. 1. You’re only as pretty as your skin care [...]

Anti Aging Cream Beauty Review: Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

When my friends used to warn me that my skin would change after I hit 30, I never really believed them. Unfortunately, after a year of relishing the big 3-0, I am beginning to witness what they meant. Fine lines are creeping across my forehead, deep lines are settling between my eyebrows and overall, I [...]

Latisse Alternatives: Get Full Lengthy Lashes Without the Prescription

Latisse, the first prescription treatment that makes your “eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker” .  The FDA has approved this treatment for sales when prescribed by a doctor. Many people are jumping at the opportunity to use this beauty-break-thorough, while others remain a bit more hesitant. It seems scary to use a prescription strength product anywhere [...]

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