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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Tips to Stop Picking On Your Skin

At the request of one of our readers, I decided it was time to discuss the whole “picking problem” that many of us have with our skin. We often think of picking related to how to prevent acne, but picking also causes a host of other skin problems. So, I thought I’d begin with a [...]

Mini Cosmetic Products: Cute and Convenient

The first time I laid eyes on a mini cosmetic product, I was in 6th grade. It was a tiny and green compact—a free gift with purchase from Clinique—and all my friends had it. They were easy to come by for them, their moms’ makeup of choice, but for me and my Covergirl mom, I [...]

Get The Look: Twilight Beauty

When I found out that DuWop was launching Twilight Venom, a Twilight-inspired lip stain with a glossy, lip plumping finish, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Lip Venom, one of my all-time favorite beauty products, combined with Twilight, my newest love – what could be better?!

DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Kit

When the DermStore staffers got together to select our favorite skin care kit, it didn’t take long to make our decision. Glytone’s Keratosis Pilaris Kit is the miracle worker that everyone’s been searching for. It proves that using the right combination of products can give your faster and better results. The top recommendation of estheticians [...]

DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Ingredient

With so many fantastic and effective skin care ingredients from which to choose, it was tough to select only one to be DermStore’s favorite ingredient. Although it was a close competition, retinol beat out other well-known ingredients, such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid, for the favorite ingredient of DermStore’s team.

DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Video

We have a lot of great videos on our site, but if we have to pick a favorite, the Nia24 video definitely is a scene-stealer. It gives you an insider look at this amazing professional skin care brand and its unique ability to transform your aging, sun-damaged skin. So, how exactly does Nia24 work? It [...]

DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Product Innovation

When it comes to favorites, this brand new skin wonder was the first to come to mind. Dermalogica is already one of our favorite lines, so when they came out with a new advanced skin care system dedicated to lightening hyperpigmentation, well, let’s just say they won over our hearts (and our faces). ChromaWhite TRx [...]

DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Best Seller

DermStore employees and customers agree: Jane Iredale Lip Drink SPF 15 is a must-have beauty product! Created by mineral maven Jane Iredale, this best selling all-natural pout protector promises extreme hydration and nourishment while shielding against UV and free radical damage.

DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Esthetician Tip

Today, we wanted to share our favorite advice from our esthetician Meagan. Her tip on correcting hyperpigmentation not only got us thinking about the sun damage on our skin, but motivated us to be more diligent in our application of some of our best antiaging skin care treatments for lightening and brightening. For those of [...]

DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Product

In celebration of DermStore’s 10th anniversary, we’re bringing you a special group of themed posts telling you all about the favorites of the DermStore staff. From our favorite beauty product to our favorite product innovation, you’ll get the inside scoop on what makes us whip out our wallets! To kick things off, DermStore’s team agreed upon a favorite skin care product – Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant!

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