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Monthly Archives: September 2009

UV Ray Rundown

As one of the palest of the pale, I’ve heard it my entire life – wear sunscreen! Applying an SPF if one of the most important beauty tips out there. So important, in fact, that many makeup and skin care formulations now include an SPF to give your skin an extra layer of protection. But, why? What is this all-important SPF, and why should you protect your skin against ultraviolet damage?

Understanding Skin Care Ingredients: Vitamin C

As part of my aging skin care regimen, I make sure to get my daily dose of antioxidants by applying a topical vitamin C skin care treatment every day. It’s a simple thing to do, and it makes such a big difference in the appearance of my skin. For those of you who have yet [...]

Fall Beauty Tips

Happy fall equinox! As a self-proclaimed “summer hater,” I am quite pleased that the return of autumn is finally here. In celebration, I’ve put together a few of my favorite fall beauty tips for keeping your skin healthy, your hair strong and your makeup seasonal as the weather changes.

Skin Focus: Milia

Have you ever noticed this skin condition: small white bumps around your eyes? At first glance, they may look like whiteheads, but as soon as you attempt to squeeze you realize they’re hard and nearly impossible to extract. That’s because they’re not pimples at all. They’re cysts called Milia. Milia are commonly found on the [...]

Makeup Mayhem

I simply hate when my dressing table or makeup bag gets so full of cosmetics that I can’t find or enjoy the fun products I’ve purchased! To remedy this type of situation, I came up with a few ways to organize my beauty care products that allow me to get the full benefit of each and every formulation.

Alterna Beauty Hair Products for Damaged Hair

I think a lot of DermStore visitors are unaware that we don’t only sell professional skin care and cosmetics, we also carry a wide variety of beauty hair products. One of our staff favorites is Alterna. Alterna is a professional hair care line used in the finest salons. The brand is famous for incorporating hard-to-find [...]

Wash Those Makeup Brushes!

One of the most important pieces of beauty advice to remember is to regularly shampoo your makeup brushes. Keeping your brushes clean is essential to a long, happy brush life. Plus, a clean brush provides better results than a dirty brush.

What Does Non-Comedogenic Mean?

Trying to understand all the terms skin care and cosmetics brands throw around can be pretty difficult, and there’s one word that is especially confusing — non-comedogenic. Even the pronunciation is difficult; think long o, long e, long o, short e, short i. What it really comes down to is a long word that means [...]

Make Your Peepers Pop

One of the first eye makeup tips I learned was how to enhance my natural eye color with certain eyeshadow and liner shades. I will forever remember the sweet young woman at MAC who explained to my 12-year-old self that applying green eyeshadow and eyeliner to my green eyes would do nothing more than detract from their natural color. Since then, I’ve preached (and yammered and rambled) on and on to my friends about how important it is to use the correct eye makeup shades for their eye colors. Obviously it’s fun to stray every now and again to try something new and fabulous, but creating an every day look based on your eye color is the perfect way to achieve a stunning finish every time.

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