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Monthly Archives: September 2011

My New Favorite Skin Care Products From Episencial

DermStore staffers are really lucky in that we get to try so many amazing skin care products at a pretty constant rate—still, when it comes to my skin care routine I am fairly set in my ways and have a core group of skin care products I’ll always go back to, no matter how many [...]

Easy Living with Eczema

The weather is changing and for anyone with a little thing called eczema, fall is the precursor to a bad skin season. Eczema shows up as those impossible scaly patches that are often inflamed, red and itchy. They’ll be the first to let you know it’s getting colder by showing up and saying hello. Nice [...]

BareEase and Cream Creator, Dr. Edna Ma, is Still a Survivor!

Another week, another challenge, another awkward confession courtesy of Brandon Hantz and another tribe member voted to Redemption Island. Welcome to the week 3 recap of Survivor South Pacific! DermStore’s favorite contestant, Upolu tribe member Dr. Edna Ma, founder of BareEase and Cream, made it through the first few days in camp and her tribe’s [...]

Nuxe Giveaway! Enter Now

Nuxe combines nature, performance and sensuality by using the best of what science and nature have to offer. This unique line of anti-aging and beauty products are formulated with aroma therapeutic essential oils and phytotherapy plant extracts.  These core ingredients work together to nourish your skin and encourage a more youthful appearance. Nuxe prides itself [...]

What really gives our age away?

By Ada Polla In I Feel Bad About My Neck, Nora Ephron famously said: “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.” To “necks” she might have added “décolleté” and “hands”. Indeed, my dermatologist father Dr. Luigi Polla, creator of Alchimie Forever, always told me that to know the true age of a [...]

Musings On Vanity Sizing

I’m going to preface today’s rant by letting you know: it really bugs me when people say “You know, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.” What does that even mean? Are you insinuating she was large or something? Have you noticed how teeny her waist was? And lastly, are you aware that the women’s fashion [...]

BareEase and Cream Founder, Dr. Edna Ma, is a Survivor! Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

Anesthesiologist, savvy businesswoman, entrepreneur and… Survivor?  Yup, that’s right! Dr. Edna Ma, renowned anesthesiologist and founder of BareEase and Cream, is roughing it out in the South Pacific on this season’s Survivor.  And guess what? Redemption Island is back! For those of you who aren’t up to date on Survivor terms, Redemption Island is where [...]

pH Advantage Giveaway! Enter for a Chance to Win

pH Advantage is a “no-nonsense” line of medical grade skincare products developed by Dr. Barry J. Cohen to positively affect the skin before and after surgery. The products are segregated into well defined regimens and Dr. Cohen uses ingredients in meaningful concentrations that are known to work.  These high quality formulations help to speed wound healing, [...]

Beauty Tips Learned From Grandma

Both of my grandmothers were blessed with beautiful skin tone. Even though it was mature skin, it was both clear and smooth. Looking at them, I would have assumed that they had a fully stocked beauty arsenal used as part of their skin care regimens, but ironically it seems they had some simple beauty tricks/tips [...]

How To: Smokey Eyes for Asian Eyes

Despite my usual minimal appearance when it comes to makeup, I love it. The only problem is I’m not quite sure how to use all my new colors, and when I try to copy what I see in the magazines, it doesn’t quite turnout how I imagined. This is where our resident copywriter/makeup artist extraordinaire [...]

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