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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fabulous Fall Skin

Fall is here! If you are like me, the change in season means it’s time to throw on some more layers and break out the Fall wardrobe.  For others it may mean opting for darker nail polish, switching up your makeup palette, or maybe even ditching summery highlights in your hair.  No matter what cooler [...]


When starting the Manly Monday segment, many of my co-workers were eager to send me stories or products they thought would be great for the blog. Well the following story got a wealth of action and I’m sure you will understand why. This is the man tan, but executed in horrendous fashion. At the Arnold [...]

Pantone’s Fall 2012 Color Trends & Beauty Products to Match

  As fall marks the transition from summer into winter, there are many changes that take place with the season. One major change is the transition of colors, it is time to push those summer ‘brights’ to the back of your closet and bring forth your fall color palette. I look to Pantone for inspiration, [...]

Faking it: Everyone is doing it

Lately I’ve been under more stress than what I would like. Partly because it’s in my nature and partly because I have to find a new place to live – never a fun experience in Los Angeles. So I’ve been faking my way through the day by covering up my tired skin and those lovely [...]

Colorescience: Primers For All Skin Types

Just last week I attended a Colorescience seminar at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles, CA and I learned a great deal about the brand and how amazing their primers are. I have played with the Skin Mattifying Primer SPF 20 a.k.a Chocolate Mousse a few times and I love it! It has a great [...]

MANLY MONDAY: Man Friendly Products

When it comes to beauty and cosmetic products, men are usually inclined to shrug off any involvement they may have based on the belief that it’s all just for women. But why should this be the case? Is it because packaging is marketed to women, are the products intimidating for men, or are the fragrances [...]

myface cosmetics: Andy Warhol inspired!

  Myface cosmeticswas created by Gail Federici, who was the co-founder and CEO of John Frieda for 15 years! She was inspired by Andy Warhol and The Factory when developing this highly pigmented cosmetic line, that in turn strives to inspire you! This innovative brand makes it simple and breaks down basic products by your skin [...]

LaRocca- Nature and science with the power of gold

I have to tell you about this skincare line I’ve started using called LaRocca. This brand is taking Vegan skincare to new heights!  So I’m sure you already know that as we age, the process of regenerating new skin cells slows down. Therefore, the best way to fight signs of aging would be to speed [...]

Get the Look: Be a Mermaid this Halloween!

If you haven’t decided what you want to be this Halloween—and if you’re not too keen on dressing as a va-va-vamp like everyone else—here’s a dazzling idea: a mermaid. Achieve the look of this sultry, mysterious and enchanting sea creature with a little help from the eponymous founder of the chic cosmetics line, Manna Kadar [...]

Epidermal Growth Factor – The next big thing?

Lately I have been looking into changing my beauty routine a little bit. I feel like my skin needs somewhat of a “pick me up”. It could be the fact that I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, or that I have been taking many trips out of town, but I feel like my skin [...]

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