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Monthly Archives: December 2012


It seems like years since I’ve heard anything about bars of soap. They were the go-to scrub when I was a child, the thing that could do it all for every part of your body. We’ve seemed to have moved on from soap though to little squirt bottles for our hands, various showers gels and [...]

Why I Decided to Get Botox for my 25th Birthday Instead of an iPad

Let’s start out with the obvious. I’ve already heard the ‘But you don’t need it’ a thousand times and I get it. I’m not 40. Yup, you’re right. I’m 25, married, childless and further into my career than the majority of my peers(read: I don’t live with or leech off of my parents, nor am [...]

MANLY MONDAY: The Power of Cologne

So a few years back I decided to buy my brother a bottle of cologne for Christmas. He had just graduated from the best law school in Australia with Honors, and had gone to work with one of the top firms in Australia. Naturally, I think of how he’s going to attend work and how [...]

Last Minute Holiday Gifts

The most exciting time of the year is finally upon us! Many of us have started holiday gift shopping months in advance. Others have been waiting until the absolute very last minute to get our loved ones the gifts they deserve. Don’t worry, I am in the exact same boat when it comes to buying [...]

Babo Botanicals for Delicate Skin

Creating a line of high quality, all natural hair and skincare products for babies and children was Kate Solomen’s dream. She believes that what goes on children’s bodies should be as natural as what goes into their mouths.  This was her inspiration for Babo Botanicals, named after her son’s security bunny ‘Babo’. Babo Botanicals is [...]

Want to Lose a Baby Pouch Without Surgery? Coolsculpting Has Arrived!

While some women opt for a complete Mommy Makeover with us after childbearing, some women have only an inch or two of belly “baby fat” to lose. It’s darn stubborn, however, and it seems that no amount of exercise or dieting will get rid of those one or two inches that “pooch” out and hang [...]

Proper Care for Makeup Brushes

One of the most important things when it comes to makeup is how you apply it and to get the best result is by using a great makeup brush. There are different kinds of makeup brushes to choose from as well as the materials they are made out of. Bottom line is that you should [...]

MANLY MONDAY – The Best Men’s Stylist in the U.S.

Patrick’s award-winning work It’s not every day you hear of a Harvard grad and engineer in the defense industry taking out the title of “Best Men’s Stylist in the U.S.” Well, today is that day, as this is the (unconventional) path taken by Patrick Chai. Unfulfilled in his chosen vocation, Patrick set out to find [...]

Air Repair to the Rescue- TSA Approved!

When I am packing for a vacation, I always dread dealing with my products. I can never find my travel size products and I tend to carry on my luggage to avoid all of the hassles of waiting for my bags (and can’t risk losing them!).  I recently discovered a TSA approved skincare kit that [...]

Beauty as a Catalyst for Change-Plus, earn a chance to win $500 worth of beauty products!

According to English poet and essayist Sir Thomas Overbury, beauty is only skin deep—but we beg to disagree. Not that we think that physical appearance outweighs personality and integrity, but we do believe that beauty can bring a world of difference to a person’s life—especially to women undergoing treatments for cancer. These brave and strong [...]

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