30-Day Ab Challenge Reminder


Ladies and gentlemen, the 30-Day Ab Challenge has finally come to an end. It has been 30 days of testosterone-fueled debates and challenges, arrogance and sabotage. Ray showed his lack of self-belief by fattening us up with Big Macs and Carls Jr., Jason decided to get fit by cleaning out his Dad’s garage, while I think Erik has been concentrating a bit too much on his arms. But, the after shots are being taken as we speak, and come Monday, it’ll be up to you to decide who has really made the biggest transformation. Iron abdominals would be ideal, but we just wanted to see a bit of effort put in, see who could make some adjustments and get started on shaping the midriff. So, the vote is with you. Watch out on Monday for the before-and-after photos, join our poll and give some love to the DermStore bloke you think has made the biggest improvements.  results


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