The 4 Best Celebrity Makeunders

The word “makeover” has been quite the buzzword here in the office lately, and while our staffers are getting done up, I’ve been pondering about how the opposite can have the same effect on a celebrity. In Hollywood, celebrity makeunders may not happen overnight but the transformations are amazing just the same. The recipe is easy, remove the shock value and crazy-colored hair, put on a chic frock and tone down the makeup. The 4 celebrities below have been rocking their transformations since discovering the beauty of working what their mama gave them.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry may live in a fantasy world, but dressing like it early in her career wasn’t so sweet. With pastel colored hair and makeup to match, this lollipop vixen was hard to miss. By switching to an all-over solid hair color to accentuate her baby blues and opting for an old Hollywood ‘do,  she’s taken her image to a whole new level. Keeping her makeup subtle, yet sultry, she can stay looking gorgeous without looking sticky.

Nicole Ritchie

Can you believe that The Simple Life aired 10 years ago? Nicole Ritchie was the queen of, well… being a hot mess—and we totally loved her for it. Today, having shed a few pounds’ worth of extensions and settled down with a family, she’s come full circle. Her look is now combines her rocker/boho-chic roots with a more natural look that complements her olive skin tone and big, beautiful honey-brown eyes.  Let’s hope she’ll stay on best dressed lists for more years to come.


Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

Snooki definitely didn’t do herself any favors with an orange tan, too-long lashes and a “poof” that can be seen from space. Stumbling along from bar to bar, she looked as though she’d applied all the makeup in her beauty bag at once to create a giant beauty fail. But in the past few years, we’ve watched her lose some of the bulge, become a mom and part with her beloved poof. It’s a transformation still in progress, and we’re sure we still have a lot to see from Ms. Polizzi.

Courtney Love

We’ve all heard Courtney Love’s story of fame and tragedy, yet we can commend her on keeping us entertained through her rollercoaster of a life. Her style hits hard just like her attitude so it only makes sense to expect the unexpected. Her signature red-smudged lip and all over eyeliner create one of the most recognized train-wrecked looks of our era, however she can turn it all out and wow on the red carpet. And she’ll do it in spite, too. As one of the best makeunders in a century, Courtney Love proves that she’s still in the game donning a demure lip and gorgeous skin.

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