40 Something & Fabulous

Our hats must go off to the evergreen Jennifer Lopez. I particularly must apologize for leaving her out of our top picks for the 2013 Golden Globes. I glanced over her photos and didn’t really think twice about her outfit merely because it was Jennifer Lopez. We all know she’s stunning and could easily still get carded if she was buying alcohol, but I think as she’s been around for so long we sometimes forget to stop and admire. Well I’m here to write my wrongs, because as a Mom, singer, dancer, actress and cougar, she seems to do it all, and at the Golden Globes, she had it all going.

Nude was the hue of the night, but it was left mostly to the next generation of starlets. The 40 something’s and above generally go for a gown less daring, more conservative, yet still elegant. Well no one told J. Lo this as she mesmerized in a nude and lace number, hugging the figure a 20 something would be proud of.

We’re not the only ones that seem to see it this way either. How about asking her 25-year-old boy toy Casper Smart, as I’m sure he would agree. Various magazines keep questioning what he sees in her, and why a 25-year-old would date such an older woman. Umm have you seen Jennifer Lopez lately, because if you have you should be asking why—even though it gives those of us born around this time some added confidence—she would be with someone born in 1987. The answer to that question is a pretty obvious one, it’s because she can. She’s the 40 something star, dominating our televisions and selling out world tours. He’s just the guy that was lucky enough to be the dancer in her video clips.

Other photos have surfaced recently from an interview with People Magazine where Lopez looks noticeably unglamorous, even “old”, some have dared to say. The cover photo in particular sees Lopez sporting a long fringe and what looks like a big comfy sweater. Oh shit it’s the end of the world, an A-list star wears casual comfy clothing and has a big smile on her face! Honestly, get over it.

One day she’s an absolute stunner for a glamorous event, and the next comfy for a casual interview and she gets scolded for it. Let’s be honest here. Men, if your partner looks like this at 40 something, you’ll be eternally grateful to the skies above. Ladies, if you can pull this off when need be at 40 something, I think you’ll be quite happy with yourselves, so why don’t we just give it a rest. 

I think every woman can take a leaf out of J. Lo’s book when it comes to loving the skin you’re in. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the tabloids will always remind you, so when you’ve got a night to dress up, put in some effort and do it well. Not everyone will be able to pull off a gown like this, but the pose says it all. Hair draped to one side, hand on the opposite hip, it’s a powerful position for a powerful woman.


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