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5 Skin Care Tips to Transition Skin into Spring

As seasons change, you change your clothes with them: heavier coats in the winter, t-shirts in the summer. It’s all about balance and protection. But did you know your skin care products should work the same way? They’re your skin’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly use the exact same products 365 days a year. The hectic ups and downs of spring weather – cold one day, warm the next, along with increases in humidity and seasonal allergies – can leave skin looking like a patchwork quilt with oily patches, dry patches, and breakouts.

Much like you would switch from winter boots to sandals, you need to adapt your skin care to help balance it. Here are 5 easy ways to help your skin make a perfect spring transition:

  1. springtime wardrobeLighten up. The cleaners and creams that kept your skin moisturized and hydrated throughout winter can be too heavy for spring. Warmer temperatures and higher humidity slow the rate of transepidermal water loss (that’s the natural process of how your skin regulates its moisture level), so your skin is able to hang onto moisture more easily. It’s time to switch to lighter products while still feeding the skin. Try looking for an exfoliating cleanser to help shed winter’s dullness and keep it comfortable throughout the changing weather.
  2. Don’t skip the toner! Toner is an absolutely essential step after cleansing, as it returns your skin back to a comfortable pH and replaces essential nutrients that tap water can strip from your skin. Going without it can leave skin vulnerable to spring’s frequently changing weather patterns. On cooler or drier spring days, take your facial toner with you and mist on as needed to replenish lost hydration and even set makeup.
  3.  Protect against sensitivities. Fresh-cut grass, weeds and pollen can leave skin sensitized, so everything from the daily essential you regularly use to the way you touch your face may need to change. To start, protect skin against visible irritation by applying a soothing skin serum under your moisturizer. If spring allergies leave your skin continually red and upset, you may want to switch over to a full sensitive skin care line, and use a more gentle touch when applying.
  4. Avoid artificial fragrances and dyes. Read your skin care labels – Yellow, Blue, Red and “fragrance” don’t belong there. They serve absolutely no purpose in your skin care, and can irritate sensitive skin types or skin that has become sensitized in the spring. If you like gently scented products, look to those that contain essential oils or botanical extracts. Both are often added for their beneficial effects on the skin, but also provide a pleasant aroma.
  5. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Spring showers might keep the sky looking overcast, but 80%* of UV rays can penetrate through clouds. Never walk out the door without applying a moisturizing broad spectrum sunscreen either alone or under your makeup to ensure you are protecting your skin from early aging and the risk of skin cancer.

Does your skin have its springtime wardrobe ready? Follow these tips and see skin that’s balanced, clear, glowing and ready for a great season.

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*According to American Academy of Dermatology

About the Author

Teresa Stenzel

Teresa Stenzel

Bioelements Director of Education Teresa Stenzel has been a member of the Bioelements esthetics team since 1993. With a key role in the company’s integration of new professional products, she helps develop new facial and body treatment techniques, as well as new curriculum for Bioelements, ensuring skin care professionals receive the education they need to deliver the best skin care recommendations and professional treatments from coast to coast.


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