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5 Trends with Staying Power

BY Sam · March 22, 2013

Now I know my last post concerning the trends I question caused a few raised eyebrows (Jenna Kulp, will we see the TOMS wedges this summer?). But with every fashion faux pas, there are always the timeless few that we can never get enough of. Like the ever-impressive Kristie Brinkley, here are my 5 trends with staying power.


Leather Jackets

Whether it’s a brown bomber jacket or a grungy black fitted one, the leather jacket isn’t going anywhere. The beauty of leather jackets is that they can be worn by anyone of any age, and can be easily dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Leather jackets were made famous by the likes of James Dean, Mods in the 50’s and Top Gun, all putting their own variations on a look that seems to breeze through each trending decade without question.

Polka Dots

There’s something about polka dots—worn and accessorized correctly—that looks so cute, but can also have the ability to scream sex appeal with style and sophistication. From a summer dress, to a bag, shoes, and that lingerie I once bought a lady friend, polka dots are so versatile. When you think of polka dots you don’t necessarily think sexy, or sweet and youthful, and that’s the beauty of the trend as the final look lies with the wearer, and they have the ability to go numerous ways.

Desert Boots

They were once described as the ‘world’s most traveled shoe’, and it seems as though the classic desert boots latest stint in the limelight has transcended it from being a fashion statement to a much needed staple. Desert boots were huge back in the 40’s and 50’s after they were launched by Clarke’s as the shoe of the WWII trooper, and today they’ve evolved to incorporate an array of colors and fabrics. It seems as though the combination of comfort, ruggedness and fashion-savvy the boots now offer remains in high demand for men and women of all ages.

Skinny Jeans

When it comes to versatility, nothing compares to the skinny jeans for both men and women. For ladies, they’re figure flattering, can be used day-to-day for casual wear, but can look so chic and sexy with heels to accentuate long and slender legs. For guys, skinny jeans are the same, there’s no need to take them off whatever the scene is. They’re great for everyday purposes as a jean should be, but tuck in a shirt and put on so nice shoes and you’ve got an instant smart and trendy look.


Bangs have been a consistent trend since Elizabeth Taylor’s role as Cleopatra in the 1960’s film, and they’re a hairstyle that always seems to be coming and going. It only takes one person in the mainstream media to don the look and the next thing you know it starts popping up everywhere. But there’s no doubting it’s seeing a little rise in fame at the moment. The First Lady showed off her new bangs during the second inauguration earlier this year, and now who do I see rocking the bangs? The Kardashian sisters. Not like anyone really cares, but the girls are trend setters. Firstly Kourtney, and now Kim have opted to sport the bangs, and I see no reason why it’ll stop here.


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