7 Perfectly Packaged Products: Spring Edition

As a package designer, I place a higher value on beauty products that are well-designed. It really shows when companies take time to design their packaging for their customers. These are my top packaging finds for spring—and I promise the formulas inside match the quality designs on the outside.


1. Paul & Joe Beaute’s Face and Eye Color pods are works of art inside and out. Paul & Joe is known for their artsy patterns and I love the contrast between this floral and checkered design.

2. The entire Face Stockholm line has such a clean high-end feel. The Corrector concealer palette is no different; the packaging lets the skin-neutralizing colors be the star of the design.

3. Tocca always has great vintage-looking packaging, and this time it is just so fitting given the long history of solid perfume. Solid perfumes like Cleopatra are really great for traveling or keeping in a gym bag because they cannot spill, drip or break like a bottle of perfume can.

4. Holland Park Interior Perfume by Royal Apothic is another great design. It is a modern take on the handcrafted qualities of vintage packaging. The vintage inspired atomizer adds to the old world feel and makes the product fun to interact with.

5. RGB Nail Color – Minty- First off—if you haven’t noticed already, this is the in color of the season! It has become just as versatile as a neutral because it pairs so nicely with almost any color. RGB’s branding is one of my favorites because of its simplicity as well as its second meaning in the design world: the digital color profile of red, green and blue.

6. I had to include a personal snap shot of my Air Buffed BB Creme by Too Faced Cosmetics in order to show the innovative design. The free brush sits on top like a bow and pops off for easy use on the go! And by the way the cream-to-powder formula is great when you are in a hurry but want a clean airbrushed look.

7. I love the diecut label and 2 color design of Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment. This product looks like it is some kind of secret hair remedy—something you would keep hidden in your personal stash of products.

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