A Bright Lip –The Accessory of the Season


The big bold lip has been a source of indecision for me for years. My inability to understand the power and potential of such a lip had me blindly experimenting which resulted in one of my less than fine moments – leaving the house with a vampy red lip during the day! Thankfully, lipstick has come a long way and these once intimidating sticks and tubes are now presented in welcoming and approachable chubby pencils with easy to apply consistencies. Gone are the days of your grandma’s sticky gooey mess that makes your lips feel sticky and make you talk funny. Hello light, slightly glossy, long lasting lip stain that is my favorite new accessory.

I witnessed this lipstick evolution first hand getting on the F train in New York City one morning. A girl in a plain grey tank and perfectly tousled hair got on. I noticed her. I realized her outfit was understated and not much to speak of. However, she possessed the accessory of the season, a gorgeous raspberry-pink lip —and nothing else mattered.

Although very bright and very bold, it was a shade very well suited to her skin tone and she wore it with all the coolness in the world.

I began to wonder if this wonderful statement had any chance of becoming a full-blown trend. I soon realized, that in fact she wasn’t the only one. Plenty of girls this season are forgoing their chunky necklaces and heavy earrings for a bold lip and a smile!

A few simple rules for pulling off this trend:

  1. Exfoliate first—It’s never going to work on dry cracked lips so make sure to remove all the dead skin before hand. You’re going to be attracting some attention to those babies so you’ve got to make sure you start with a smooth clean palate.
  2. Find an on trend color that works for your skin tone. This season we are seeing a lot of pinks that pop and crazy corals, so spend some time finding one that works well for you.
  3. Find the right formula—it should have the right amount of gloss, be a light finish and end in a lovely lip stain after lunch. You don’t want to be the girl “touching up” in the toilet every hour or two.
  4. Confidence is Key! This is a style that you really have to get behind. So don’t be bashful! Own it.

About the Author:

LaQaNicole Lee has worked in fashion and beauty industries for over ten years. She launched LAQA&CO with her business partner Georgina Hofmann three years ago. She’s a complete color junkie and remains committed to bringing you innovative, fun beauty products that you need in the most on trend colors!


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