A Healthy Dose Of Vitamin D While Getting A Gorgeous Glow Without The Sun

By Kevia Wright

Ever since Coco Chanel made the tan “fashionable,” generations alike have been baking in the sun for that bronzed glow, because face it; a tan looks good on almost anyone.  In Western culture, people were actually encouraged to tan until the dangers of UVA and UVA B rays started causing a stir in the late sixties. Unless one lives in a remote arctic region where the knowledge of SPF and sun protection may be bypassed, the majority of our population knows the risks and consequences of too much sun exposure.

On the other hand, because people are staying out of the sun, recent studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the skin and requires sunlight to be biologically active. A lack of Vitamin D can result in a litany of health problems such as osteoporosis, depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue, cancer, and heart disease.

Dr. Dennis Gross, M.D., is a practicing dermatologist in New York City, who recently noticed that about half of his patients were Vitamin D deficient because they were staying out of the sun. Simultaneously, they were displeased with their current self-tanner and were requesting a formula with a built-in exfoliator. With this challenge in mind, Dr. Gross aimed to create a fragrance free self tanner that would deliver anti-aging benefits, natural looking color and include active Vitamin D (to solve the deficiency dilemma).

Enter the Alpha Beta Glow Pad. Created by Dr. Gross, it is the first ever anti-aging, exfoliating self tanner with active Vitamin D. The Glow Pads are designed for a customized, natural glow because it works with the skin’s melanin with microencapsulated DHA and soy proteins to deliver deep color which does not fade when exfoliated. This pad also comes with Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids which tighten pores, eliminate blackheads, and helps fade existing sunspots. Best of all, it won’t streak and make the user look like they just shared the same tanning booth as an Oompa Loompa.   If you don’t believe us, we love our friend Amber Katz, at Beauty Blogging Junkie’s take on Glow Pad!


Watch as Dr. Dennis Gross sounds off on the inception of the Glow pads:


Alpha Beta® Glow Pad Before & After Images

One Response to “A Healthy Dose Of Vitamin D While Getting A Gorgeous Glow Without The Sun”

  1. karen mcvey

    I have had a neck lift, eyes, and the hetters peal and have spent 2 summers inside….My skin is very sensitive and burs easy so it takes me twice as long to heal..My vitamin D Level has been very low for my last 2 blood test….My doctor has put me on a high dosage of vitamin D. I can’t afford to lose any vitamam D because I was in a bad car accident in 1967 and lots of broken bones…I also like to get a tan…I have tried every self tanner there is and none of them work for me…I need a good self tanner and alot of Vitamin D because I will never be able to sun bath again and really don’t want to….I have had skin cancer in 1997…So I would like to find something that really works…

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