A Last Minute New Year’s Eve


If your friends are anything like mine, then I’m sure you can relate to the standard MO of planning things at the last minute. Not just any “things” mind you, but exciting things like New Year’s Eve! Friends will be coming from all over the place but no one can agree on the right party, venue, city, driver, etc. What a headache. It’s times like these where we ladies have to be ready for anything at the drop of a hat! That’s why I have a few tricks/products up my sleeve that will help you look and feel amazing no matter what your New Year’s Eve ends up entailing – at the very last minute, of course.

  1. Stiletto problems? Foot Petals’ Killer Kushionz ensures my feet go from office chair to dance floor with ease – 2014 shouldn’t be rung in barefoot!
  2. Glitter glitter glitter! Make your eyes pop with amazing colors of glitter dust like Face Stockholm’s Galaxy Fem – it can be applied on top of any shadow you may already have on to add extra oomph!
  3. Don’t let winter skin keep you out of that backless dress; LORAC’s TANtalizer Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer is the quickest way to get that Maui tan in just a few minutes. Oh yea, and it won’t rub off on your new outfit!
  4. Whether your lips go nude or bold, primer is a must. BECCA Cosmetics has the most amazing primer that will keep any color perfect through snacking, sipping, singing, and even the midnight kiss!
  5. Take your mane from house party to VIP by adding extraordinary luster; Nick Chavez’ Starlet Shine Spray is essentially hair polish in a can!
  6. Throw APOTHIA’s IF Roll-On Pure Oil in your clutch for a floral finish that goes well with any outfit no matter how casual or fancy!

I hope your New Year’s Eve planning goes as smooth as these quick beauty fixes! Now, get some champagne and have a happy and safe 2014!

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