Almost a Quarter of a Century Old, and Still Facing Skin Problems

When I blow out my candles this year, I might just be wishing for perfect skin! I do believe everyone is their own worst critic, but really why can’t my skin just be perfect? I am turning 25 next month and I still have skin problems – acne, dry skin and hyperpigmentation.

Working in this industry definitely makes me more critical of my skin. Constantly being around product, and learning about new brands with the latest and greatest doesn’t make it much easier. I have come to realize however, there are lots you can do for your skin even past your basic skin care regimen.

 One thing I definitely try to do is get a facial once every 4 to 6 weeks (I admit I’m in desperate need of one right now). One big reason I love going to get facials is because Genny Mendoza, my esthetician, always gives me the BEST skin care advice and of course the facials are AMAZING.  Genny works at DermStore Spa in Hermosa Beach which opened just last March.

So in my quest to attain perfect skin, I went to Genny to find out her most important pieces of skin care advice. Starting off with number one, Genny says:

1. Cleansing in the evening is an absolute MUST.

Genny explains that most people come home and are too tired but the difference it makes is huge. She uses a great example, and draws a parallel between our skin and the dirt that can build up on a car – just being outdoors and how our faces come in contact with all the same dirt and environmental aggressors the last thing you want to do is fall asleep with that film sitting on your face.

2. Serums are great for your skin, and can bring about fantastic changes.   

Good to know, I never realized how important serums were. Genny shares that there is a serum for every skin type and every skin concern, serums are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and are so much more concentrated than what a moisturizer or cleanser can be. Genny uses a different serum for morning, and night. However, she explains some concerns may require that the same serum be used day/night. 

3. Wear sunscreen and reapply throughout the day.

 I must agree with Genny, this is a biggie! She stresses that by doing so you will ward off accumulative sun damage that will turn into wrinkles, pigmentation and faster aging not to mention abnormal skin growths that eventually can lead to cancers. I loved that she explained to me (which is very true) that sun damage can be caused YEAR ROUND, whether you are sitting behind a desk with the rays coming in through the windows, going for a quick errand or if you are out and about on an overcast day.  

4. Switch up your skin care once in a while.

I personally was always afraid to do this, but it does make sense. Genny explains that it is good to spice things up every once and a while to shock our skin (just don’t overdo it). She explains that some people actually lose faith in their products because they may not be doing the trick for them anymore but environment changes cause your skin to react differently, time also changes our skin because of the water loss that takes place in our bodies as well and all the systems not functioning as they once did, internal health issues can affect your skin quite a bit or your skin could just become used to what you are using.

5. Don’t forget to give some loving to your eye and lip areas.

I am guilty of doing this, as Genny acknowledged that many times we forget about these areas and they actually are areas that have thinner skin and will be the first to reflect signs of aging. She clarifies that whether you need preventative or you need repairing ensure that you give your eyes and lips the same care you would on the rest of your face.  There are exfoliants, masks, serums and sunscreens not only for the face but specific to both eye and lip areas.


Genny Mendonza, DermStore Spa's Esthetician

I hope with these great tips, your skin will reap the benefits! I sure know mine will. Also, if you are interested in getting an amazing facial and are in the South Bay area I highly suggest you stop in at the DermStore Spa. There are so many great facials on the menu, you won’t be disappointed. Also, a big THANKS to Genny for all her amazing advice.

With all that said and done . . . here’s to 25 and perfect skin!  

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