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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a nail color connoisseur? It turns out it’s one of the toughest jobs in the world! And we know this for sure because we read the diary of Essie Weingarten, president and founder of Essie Cosmetics. In her never-ending quest for nail color inspiration, she had to scour the world—specifically, the top style capitals of the world—to ensure that we, nail polish aficionados, will have 6 new spring nail colors to try and gush over. In her diary, she recounts the sights, lights, sounds and scents that brought all these pretty hues to life. To catch a glimpse of Essie’s Spring 2013 Spring Collection—all of which you can now enjoy at and—here are a few excerpts from Essie’s diary.

Essie Spring 2013 Collection

Essie Spring 2013 Collection

Madison Ave-hue

A pretty pink hue inspired by the cherry blossoms in Upper East Side, New York.

The absolute best is when the cherry blossoms are in bloom in the adjacent tree-lined side streets; the succulent smell is as sweet as the lush pink hues themselves! I’m absolutely convinced this chic Upper East Side pink will catch on, as if Carrie Bradshaw was wearing it herself.”


Go Ginza

A soft blush color inspired by the district of Ginza in Tokyo

“The softness of color here is unlike anywhere else in the world, and wandering through districts like Ginza is akin to floating through a world of quiet beauty and exquisite luxury. The feeling I get being in Tokyo is a bit indescribable…like trying to name the most perfect, softest blush of pink. One that would look perfect on my nails!”


Avenue Maintain

A light, sky blue color inspired by Avenue Montaigne in Paris

“Just the other day I took out one of my favorite blue Hermes silk scarves, which is exactly the shade of sky blue that arches over the best Parisian Spring shopping days. Each one of these scarves is so rich in detail, telling its own personal story! Just like how being in Paris is like being in your own personal fairytale.”


Bond With Whomever

A lush lilac shade inspired by the streets of London

“I love taking Max on our own secret mission through the department stores and boutiques of Covent Garden, all the way to Bond Street. The London skyline falls to our wandering feet as we take in the sights, and don’t get me started on the colors…from the poshest of purples to the lushest of lilacs!”


Maximillian Strasse Her

A cool grey-green inspired by the old-world charm of Munich

“I’m reminded of that unmistakably artsy vibe every time I’m on the regal and perfectly pristine boulevards of Munich. In fact, on my last stroll down the main fashion route of the city, Maximillian Strasse, I noticed a hypnotic opaque grey-green in the charmingly faded facades of some of the buildings lining the boulevard. The color was the perfect mix of subtle and flash, clarity and translucence.”



A poppy bright red orange shade Inspired by the fierce fashion culture in Ipanema, Rio

“Sometimes you just need some color, you know? They sure do in Rio, where bright poppy shades always rule the streets and style is never subtle. And why should it be? This is the place to indulge in the best and brightest of everything, because getting noticed is the name of the game down here: spicy colorful food, and spicier, colorful looks everywhere I turn.”

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  1. Dabalash

    I like much red pink! I hope I can still find it I must have that. It has that inner glow, The wreath is cute and now I see how easy it is to do. thank you

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