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Author Archives: Amy

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Name: Amy

Occupation: PR Manager

Age:Old enough to not want to answer this question

About me: I grew up worshiping the sun in Florida, boasting a perpetual tan and spending as much time in the pool or ocean as possible; all the while, harboring a serious disdain for blow dryers, SPF and any beauty item or product that added time to my daily sprint from swim practice to school and back. Although, I am still known to sport wet hair in public, I have learned to worship the sun safely. Who knew, SPF is a good thing? I have also recently added serum and eye cream to my routine. My coworkers are so proud.
Other passions include Miami football teams, my dog, marathons, margaritas, sushi and sunshine.

What is in your makeup bag?: Batiste, Manna Kadar Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palettes – Stars in Your Eyes, Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation Yellow Undertones – Beige, Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette and a million different bronzers

#1 must-have product?: Aside from Batiste, which I go through at a record pace, I love a great moisturizer with SPF. Right now, I am loving Intelligent Beauty Labs Reveal Age Defying Day Cream With Broad Spectrum SPF 20.

Favorite brand(s)?: Batiste, Epionce, Butter London and Intelligent Beauty Labs

Best beauty tip?: Drink tons of water and work out!

Biggest beauty concern?: That all my years in the sun will catch up with me and I will end up like Magda in There Something About Mary.

Skin type: Normal/Dry

This Product Has 181 5-Star Reviews!

I am constantly testing new facial cleansers. I’m pretty loyal when it comes to my daily moisturizer (Epionce, obsessed), love my Yes To Cucumber Facial Towelettes, and can’t get enough of Elta MD’s sunscreen, but when it comes to face wash, not one product has ever nestled its way into my heart or a permanent [...]

The Miracle of Zit Zapping Tools!

I went through my fair share of awkwardness during my teenage years (frizzy Florida-humidity ridden hair, an uncanny resemblance to Olive Oil and a set of orthodontics that could pass for a Richter set); however I never had to deal with acne. I guess the powers that be decided that my overbite was bad enough. [...]

Moisturizer Magic

It’s no secret that I am a little lazy when it comes to my beauty routine and constantly on the hunt for products that shave precious seconds off my prep time. BB Cream? Sold! Cheek Stain that works as lip color? Genius.  2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner? Not as great as regular shampoo and conditioner but [...]

GoSmile- My Pearly White Go-To

Confession time. My name’s Amy, and I’m a former bleachorexic… not to mention I am currently a coffee addict and harbor a slight obsession with Pinot Noir. It is pretty fair to say that since hanging up my whitening tray in high school (It actually wasn’t voluntary, my mom actually took them away for fear [...]

Simple Steps for a Stunning At Home Blowout

Perfectly blown out tresses are something that have eluded me for about 98% of my life- the rare 2% being when I have a hot date (never) and when I fork over some hard earned cash for a professional blowout (rarely). However, I recently got my hands on an oh-so-coveted Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro [...]

A Survivor Roller Coaster

Oh Survivor South Pacific! This episode was a doozey… I laughed, I cried, I cried again, then I cried one more time, I tried to yell at Brandon through my screen, I was momentarily devastated only to regain a glimmer of hope. Yup, week 13 was a real roller coaster of emotions for this blogger. [...]

As the Tide Turns

A wise man named Coach once paraphrased an even wiser man named William Shakespeare and said, “There is a tide that comes in the lives of men that when taken leads to great fortune but when omitted, all the rest of their lives are bound in shallows and misery … I want to make sure [...]

Survivor South Pacific Recap

Welcome to the episode 10 recap! Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real. (So what if that’s from the wrong reality show, it’s applicable!)  This week on Survivor South Pacific, numbers are dwindling, alliances are developing cracks and tribe mates are inevitably going to have to turn on each [...]

Double Voting Whammy

Welcome to the action packed Survivor Recap of episode 9. This week on Survivor South Pacific we were treated to the ultimate treat- two tribal council votes! What Survivor loving fan doesn’t love two tribal councils in one episode? The only things that could make it even better are a vomit inducing Immunity challenge, another [...]

Bad Acting and Bad Alliances- Survivor Recap Week 8

Cochran. John Cochran. He’s a secret agent man… secret agent man! (Anyone know that song?) So, as you can deduce from my poor attempts at pop culture references, John Cochran is leading the life of a double agent on Survivor South Pacific. His life of secrecy and lies (ok, I’m being a tad bit facetious) [...]

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