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Avoid the Back to School Acne Flare-Up

Acne tends to flare up in the fall and by the time you go home for Thanksgiving, your face could be a mess.  Follow these tips and tricks for an acne-free school year:

  1. Avoid a high sugar diet – opt for a low glycemic diet: no white sugar, white potatoes, white flour. Replace these with old-fashioned 16-grain bread, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.  You can eat anything red, yellow or green (vegetables or fruits – except watermelon).   And, no beer!
  2. Get eight hours of sleep – unrest contributes to stress, aggravating acne.
  3. Do not cram for exams! Study a little every day to avoid stressing out before your test.
  4. Avoid an acne mechanica flare up (acne aggravated by mechanical occlusion) by not wearing a hat all the time.
  5. Don’t pick at your acne. Instead, apply an ice compress to any lesion early on –the ice will help heal the lesion and the break out will go away.
  6. No picking! If you must, do it the correct way. Make sure the papules are mature with a white head before attempting extraction.  Do a two-step extraction then go back to the papule in five minutes and press again, sometimes the core will pop out.

Stick to a good skin care routine and make sure to pack Vivant Skin Care products with benzoyl peroxide when leaving for school.  Research has shown that BP is the most effective at killing acne bacteria on site.  If you have back acne, make sure to use Clear Body Therapy, a specially formulated combination of lactic acid and vitamin A strong enough to penetrate the thicker skin of the back and chest, leaving your skin clear from head to toe.

About the Author:

Written by Vivant Skin Care’s lead formulating consultant James E. Fulton, M.D. Ph.D, co-developer of tretinoin (Retin-A®), benzoyl peroxide (Panoxyl®) and topical erythromycin (E-Gel®). His latest advancement in skin care therapeutics is the topical use of Vitamin A Propionate exclusive to the Vivant Skin Care line. He has published more than 100 scientific paper and medical articles as well as authored a best-seller, Acne Rx, which provides insight into the causes and treatment of acne while burying the acne myths that are all too commonly believed.


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  1. Denise Le
    Posted September 5, 2012 at 10:40 pm | Permalink

    Im over 30year old , but i’ve very bad acne and breakout ! Pls tell me what i have to do pls .
    Very appreciated thank very much .

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