Awesome Product Alert: Pixi Beauty Natural Brow Duo

You know that thin, overplucked brows are SO not in right now, right? Right. Well, it goes without saying that not all of us are blessed with supermodel arches, a la Camilla Belle or Lily Collins. (I mean, I’m certainly not.) But just because you didn’t win the dark and voluptuous eyebrow genetics lottery doesn’t mean you can’t fake it, and fake it well, for that matter.

So, how DO you fake the look of perfect brows, anyway? Well, most of us aren’t born with innate makeup artist wizardry any more than we are with magazine ad-worthy features. If you have issues when it comes to getting your brows pitch-perfect using the method that’s favored by many makeup artists—good old fashioned brown shadow and a flat, angled brush, that is—you’ve probably tried your hand with a regular brow pencil … or maybe even an eyeliner that’s not precisely the right shade. And chances are, you’re still not in love with the way your brows look, but short of getting those things tattooed on permanently (and really, I don’t recommend that) you’re at a loss. Right? So do yourself a favor and watch the video below. Petra Strand—founder of the always-wonderful line of products called Pixi Beauty—demonstrates how to do your brows using her latest signature product: Natural Brow Duo. You’re welcome!

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  1. Olivia

    This is such a great product, I love it! It’s the perfect pencil for my hair, and it isn’t too creamy, which I like, so my eyebrows don’t melt off!

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