BareEase and Cream Founder, Dr. Edna Ma, is a Survivor! Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

Anesthesiologist, savvy businesswoman, entrepreneur and… Survivor?  Yup, that’s right! Dr. Edna Ma, renowned anesthesiologist and founder of BareEase and Cream, is roughing it out in the South Pacific on this season’s Survivor.  And guess what? Redemption Island is back! For those of you who aren’t up to date on Survivor terms, Redemption Island is where castaways voted out of Tribal Council are sequestered. They live in seclusion on Redemption Island until another castaway is voted out. The two members of Redemption Island then duel to see who remains on Redemption Island and who goes home.  Eventually, the remaining player on Redemption Island reenters the game with the other cast members.

Edna and her castmates were divided into two tribes, Upolu and Savaii, before arriving on the island.  Edna is a member of the Upolu tribe, along with veteran player Coach, aka The Dragon Slayer (is that a self proclaimed nickname?), slightly creepy Brandon (nephew of Coach’s old nemesis, Russell), a professional lingerie football player named Mikayla, (whom Brandon, as a faithful husband and man of God, apparently has a problem with, compared her to Delilah and vowed to get her kicked off), as well as 5 other players.

After Coach blew the first reward challenge, Edna was the only member of Upolu to show compassion and understand that he could be a great asset to the team, as well as a valuable alliance. Although, Coach then formed an alliance with Brandon, Sophie, Albert and Rick, leaving Edna slightly on the outskirts of the inner circle.  Thankfully, Upolu won the Immunity Challenge and escaped the dreaded Tribal Council for the first time.

However, they were not so lucky during the next Immunity Challenge, which due to lopsided numbers, Edna sat out on. With the loss of the Immunity Challenge behind them and the elusive individual Immunity Idol (an item that is hidden somewhere near each tribe, whichever member of the tribe has it in its possession may play the idol at Tribal Council, granting them immunity and thus may not be voted to Redemption Island) still hidden, the entire tribe of Upolu was in a full fledge scheming mindset. Luckily, Christine was the main target for the Tribal Council vote, except for Brandon who vowed to send “temptress” (his words, not mine) Mikayla home. Ultimately, Christine was voted off with 4 votes and sent to meet Semhar, Savaii’s ousted cast member on Redemption Island, leaving Edna, Coach, Mikyala, Brandon and the others to fight it out for at least another few days.

Edna Ma, as we know, is extremely smart (only a brilliant mind could invent something as awesome as BareEase and Cream!) and very likeable. Her strategy could be a winning one- play nice, do not ruffle any feathers, stay low key but assert oneself when necessary. Not to mention, I am loving her inventive visor! Gotta protect from those harmful rays when you are so close to the equator! Fingers crossed the BareEase and Cream inventor goes far!

Stay tuned for Survivor South Pacific episode 3 recap!

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