BareEase and Cream: Taking The Pain Out of Bikini Waxing

For some of you, the idea of a full Brazilian bikini wax (or laser hair removal) may seem downright unthinkable. Maybe you’re experienced with lip waxing and simply can’t imagine that kind of hair yanking “down there.” Or maybe you’ve tried it and made it through the experience, but won’t be going there again. Well, we’re here to inform you of one of the hair-removal industry’s best-kept secrets: BareEase & Cream Prep Kit for Ouchless Hair Removal.

Before you skeptics start shaking your heads at us, let us also inform you that we, too, had our doubts when this product landed on our desk. Having tried other topical numbing solutions in the past, never really experiencing any reduction in pain to speak of, we wondered if and how this one was going to be any better than its competition. Well, given that it’s the brainchild of Dr. Edna Ma—a board-certified anesthesiologist who’s made a career of serious pain management—it’s the result of years of education, research and experience!

As for WHY it works, that comes down to science. It utilizes topical lidocaine PLUS latex (that’s the kicker, believe it or not!) to turn an intimidating bikini wax into a veritable walk in the park. According to Dr. Ma, it’s best to use the entire tube of lidocaine cream—and to let it soak in while wearing the single-use latex panty for at least 30 minutes. We speak from personal experience when we say that you won’t believe what a difference this wonderful invention makes!

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