Be Prepared! Carmageddon Beauty Essentials

For all you Los Angeles folks, “carmageddon” weekend is upon us! And while a portion of the 405 will be closed until Monday morning (they’re predicting cars being backed up for 20 miles) I have decided to fight back with beauty essentials for the car!

Always have my water spritzer with me!

In preparation for what could be the worst weekend ever, I have packed my car beauty essentials: floppy hat, sunscreen and water spritzer! I’m a big fan of Avene’s Thermal Water. This water spritzer serves many purposes. It is not only refreshing on your skin, but with spiked gas prices, it is a great way to stay cool without turning on the air conditioning too high. And if you like, you can spritz it in your mouth when you’re thirsty. This is perfect because you can’t chug water if you’re in a traffic jam (bathroom people!!). A floppy hat is a must-have for keeping your skin protected from damaging rays. All that exposure over time adds up; people accrue more sun damage on a day to day basis than they do on a vacation—protect your skin year round! I like to keep sunscreen in my car so I can apply it to my hands, chest and the left side of my arms. This is important as commuters are more likely to develop skin cancer on the left side of their body.  Be aware that SPF deactivates in the heat, so either keep a mineral sunscreen in your car (I’m a huge fan of Colorescience Pro’s Sunforgettable Brushes) or keep a chemical sunscreen in your purse so it doesn’t get overheated in the car.

Now, let’s talk about all the fun things you can do in your car while sitting in a traffic jam! Save the $15 it would cost you to get a manicure and do it yourself (you’re going to need that money later for a drink). Before you leave the house, grab some nail clippers, a nail file, cuticle oil and a nail buff.  If you’re feeling super daring, go ahead and grab for your favorite nail color! Another fun and easy bumper to bumper pastime is brow maintenance! Tweeze with ease while you wait. I’ll leave you with one last carmagedden beauty suggestion: perfect the always classic, always sexy cat eye. I don’t know about you guys, but I struggle with the cat-eye swipe and never have time to practice. So I’m going to bring my liquid eyeliner and some baby wipes with me this weekend to practice and achieve the most perfect cat-eye for whenever I make it to my destination! Don’t let summer traffic get you down, it’s so easy to bring your beauty essentials with you!

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