Beauty and the BROw

You’ve been introduced to him once before as we had him review NICKEL’s new BIO Green Boost line. He is one of few men that work amongst a sea of women here at DermStore Corporate offices and prefers to be referenced as ‘BettisSugar’ for blogging purposes. One of the perks for us in having him work here is that we get to take him on beauty road trips and request that he partake in our beauty activities, all while maintaining his masculinity to the best of his ability. He is like the office beauty bro that we all adore.

Recently a few of our Buyers, Devon and Amber went on a little venture to a threading spa after work. Due to carpooling issues, BettisSugar was along for the ride. They somehow managed to talk him into getting his brows done while they were there. They were sure to inform the threading expert to keep his brows looking masculine, yet clean. According to our Beauty Buyers he had to take a couple of breaks and stated that he doesn’t understand how us ladies do this on a regular basis. BettisSugar however, wanted to make it clear to us that he did not have to “take breaks” due to the pain, but needed to adjust himself to the new feeling of getting a bunch of hair ripped out of his ‘precious’ face (yes he just referred to his own face as ‘precious’).

He said it was a weird feeling to get used to, but after the first 100 hairs, it isn’t so bad. He thinks it definitely gave him a cleaner look and by looking at him today I would have to agree with that. He said if he happens to be with the girls when they go again, he would probably go for it, but it’s not something he is going to make an appointment to do alone. And if he does, nobody will ever find out!


Have you ever taken your man to get his eyebrows done? What did he think?

2 Responses to “Beauty and the BROw”

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  2. body waxing

    Well in my opinion it’s not an easy task to convince a man to make eyebrows waxing. they actually think it’s weird and not masculine. nowdays it’s probably an activity for mertosexuals and hollywood stars

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