Beauty as a Catalyst for Change-Plus, earn a chance to win $500 worth of beauty products!

According to English poet and essayist Sir Thomas Overbury, beauty is only skin deep—but we beg to disagree. Not that we think that physical appearance outweighs personality and integrity, but we do believe that beauty can bring a world of difference to a person’s life—especially to women undergoing treatments for cancer. These brave and strong women undergo a series of medical procedures on a regular basis—and not only does it rob them of their energy, appetite, time and youth, it also takes a toll on how they view themselves.

It is for this reason that Look Good Feel Better was founded. Its mission is to change the way people with cancer approach their disease: by teaching them that they can have some normalcy in a life that is by no means normal.  Through innovative programs like free workshops and webinars, Look Good Feel Better has helped hundreds of thousands of people with cancer improve their self-esteem and confidence through lessons on skin and nail care, makeup and accessories that address the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment.  In the United States alone, more than 800,000 women have participated in the program, which annually offers 16,000 group workshops nationwide in nearly 3,000 locations.

And now, you, too, can help just by shopping for your favorite beauty products. Throughout December,, and will host a special holiday boutique, which will feature products from beauty brands like Mama Mio, Chella Skin Care, Blind Barber, Basq Skin Care and Boxx Cosmetics, among many others. For every product sold in this boutique, 5% of the brands’ proceeds will go to the Look Good Feel Better program. On top of that, DermStore Beauty Group will donate 5% more.

Plus, for today’s giveaway, we are giving away $500 worth of beauty products! Our lucky grand prize winner will win beauty products from brands like Intelligent Beauty Labs, Andre Walker, Blind Barber and Pixi Beauty, among others. Plus, 4 runner-ups will each receive a basq Fresh Face Spa Kit ($56 value). All you have to do is answer this question: How does putting on a bit of makeup and having a good hair day help you gain confidence on days you aren’t feeling your best? Type your answer in the comments section below to enter. Hurry, contest ends December 28!


**5 winners will be chosen at random: 1 grand prize and 4 runner-ups. Giveaway starts on 12/14/12 and ends 12/28/12 at 11:59 pm PST. The winners will be announced during the time of 12/29/12 –1/29/12. If a winner does not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**

Congrats to our runner-ups

1.) Jessica Noah

2.) Melanie Mainland

3.) Nicole

4.) Christina Williams

And our Grand Prize Winner…

Sharon W.

181 Responses to “Beauty as a Catalyst for Change-Plus, earn a chance to win $500 worth of beauty products!”

  1. Janice Cash

    I am a firm believer that your outward appearance helps how you feel about yourself, so when I put on make-up and have a good hair day even when not feeling my best, I feel confident that I will be able to handle any challenges that come my way.

  2. Carol Porterfield

    Because it is sooo true “If you look good, you feel good, but if you look bad, you’ll feel bad!”

  3. amyc

    I wear makeup everyday, it’s how I feel most confident to face the world Without it, I feel naked! Spending a little extra time everyday on hair and makeup helps me feel beautiful!

  4. diane conover

    When I put on a little makeup my Grands always tell me how beautiful I look,therefore making me feel more special than I did when I looked in the mirror.It gives me a boost of energy and puts that extra pep in my step that certainly changes my attitude. Just some color to the cheeks and lips changes a bad mood to good!Thanks for the giveaway

  5. Christy C.

    A little bit of hair and good hair makes me feel so much better!!! As a mom of two young boys, I often feel frazzled and T.I.R.E.D!! Just a bit of makeup and a good hair day helps me remember to pamper myself a little bit every day to revitalize myself. :)

  6. B

    Sometimes when I’m down in the dumps and would like nothing more than to hide under the covers eating chocolate bonbons, I make myself put on full pin-up makeup, an elaborate vintage hairstyle and a great dress and go out somewhere (even just to the grocery store). Looking fabulous invariably helps me start feeling fabulous again!

  7. Joanna

    The makeup and good hair really help boost up confidence because you don’t have to worry about people seeing your flaws. You just feel like you stand out from the crowd in your own way! Plus adding a good outfit is just a bonus.

  8. katie

    Putting on makeup and having great hair makes me have more confidence throughout the day.

  9. Amy

    Whenever Im not feeling well and I take the time to work a little on my appearance, I feel taken care off.

  10. Tina Giles

    I feel crappy and look sick when I’m not wearing make up and don’t fix my hair. A little bit of make up makes me feel great and gives me confidence.

  11. Elizabeth Hicks

    When I feel I look nice, it definitely changes my mood to a degree. When you smile and people smile back, you know it’s going to be a good day.

  12. Eugenie

    When my face and hair look good I project a more self-assured image and feel more confident.

  13. tracey

    Doing my hair and makeup on the days I’m not feeling so great gives me more confidence because even though I may not feel great on the inside, I look good on the outside :)

  14. Jen Rutsky

    It’s amazing how a little mascara, curling my eyelashes and some bronzer instantly makes my face look better and happier which translates into more confidence for me. When you look happy and put a little effort into your appearance it does wonders for your mental and emotional state.

  15. Barbara Mayes

    Putting on makeup and having a good hair day gives me confidence because I know I look good, and I can take the World by the tail!

  16. vanessa martinez

    cleaning yourself up when your not feeling all that great always helps. It helps start the feeling better process

  17. Tiffany Wice

    Putting make-up on gives me the cofidence makes me happy so there for the around feel happy. If you feel good about how look it helps keep you healthy and active so I think it helps with you inner beauty as well. But if I won this prize I would give it to my friend who just finished battling her second round of breast cancer (she is only 41). She truly is beautiful inside and out. She is trying to do reconstruction but she has an infection in the site that wont go away as of now she is hooked to an antibiotice drip that is carried around her in a fanny pack. Not to mention her husband 19 years has been caught cheating on her. I would love to beable to make her feel a little better about herself. Thank You

  18. Deana Henderson

    Every girl “thinks” they have to put on makeup and have good hair days to have that confidence, but really, if every girl did have confidence, they wouldn’t put on makeup and mess with their hair. They would just walk out in natural beauty and not care about it. It not just the good hair days and makeup, girls want to be pleased and feel like they are beautiful. We don’t have enough guys to tell them that so they feel insecure and feel like they have to be “pretty” to feel wanted with guys. If guys appreciated them, the world would be walking in beauty.

  19. Pavlenkova Ekaterina

    Just recently for myself dermstore.kom site. And the assortment of brands and know where to look.
    I maintain a healthy diet and doing fitness. And of course, for my beauty, I choose natural. For me, the beauty – it’s natural. Well-groomed girl is always beautiful! Arrange a spa with oil after the working day – that’s great.
    So thank you for such a great range of cosmetics with natural products for my beauty.

  20. Diana Devlin

    Having a good hair day and putting on a little bit of makeup helps on so many levels; emotionally and physically. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going through radiation treatments. Those treatments really zap your energy and you feel extremely fatigued. You’re also not allowed to take vitamin supplements of any kind during the duration of the 42 treatments. I looked and felt drained. But when I made an extra effort to style my hair and curl my hair, and spent more time applying soft, natural looking makeup, it made me feel SO good. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a happy, healthy girl; it made me feel like I had control over this cancer – it would even temporarily make me forget all the craziness that was going on in my life. Ten months later, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and I was in the hospital for a week. It was quite a blow to get a 2nd cancer so soon after the first one. On the 4th day I was in the hospital, they allowed me to shower – being able to “pretty” myself up made such a HUGE difference in how I felt. Despite the surgery and fears of what I would be facing in the near future, seeing a refreshed, smiling pretty face in the mirror helped me cope. And when you have those good hair/skincare/makeup days, the good feeling you get nourishes your whole being. The trick is to keep that feeling going, even on the not so good days.

  21. Sahara R

    That would definitely boost my confidence. Wearing a little makeup and having perfect hair make me look very pretty and that would help me to meet more people and make them like me. So I can have more friends around and have a nice time.

  22. Krystal R

    Feeling good begins from within… but when you put on the makeup and do your hair, it stimulates that great feeling you already have in there.

  23. Linda Lam

    The magic of makeup. A good hair day and just a bit of makeup can make me feel completely confident. I can walk out chin up and not having to feel like everyone is staring at me because of my imperfections on my skin. Love makeup!

  24. Kristi L.

    A touch of makeup and a good hair day just starts my day out on the right foot. When I can smile and feel good walking out the door it follows through to the rest of the day!

  25. Sheila

    It makes me feel like a whole new person!!! I feel put together and not in total chaos!

  26. jennifer schillinger

    Having a good make up and hair day makes you feel like you can conquer the world, it gives you the confidence to accomplish anything!!

  27. Erica Jennings

    When you look good, you feel good. I feel like nothing else matters when my hair looks good. Adding a bit of makeup (BB CREAM IS MY FAV) with a natural look makes me feel more myself than like there’s a stranger staring back at me from the other side of the mirror. I feel like me when wearing a bit of make up and having a good hair day and that makes me confident.

  28. Annette

    When I have on makeup and may hair looks nice I hold my head up higher and feel much more comfortable approaching others. It really does give my self-confidence a boost.

  29. Stacey Figueroa

    When I look horrible without my hair done, no makeup on, I feel horrible. Those are the days I want to just stay in the bed. Fix myself up just a little and my spirit is quite the opposite. I think this is for all woman.

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