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Beauty Trends: Fiction or Functional?

There’s nothing better than getting one of the hottest nail accessories handed to you, gratis-*Thank you Liz. From what I’ve heard, there’s also nothing trendier right now than a little texture on your digits. So can you see the joy that came to me when I tried out Ciate’s latest, the Velvet Manicure in Berry Poncho? I busted the box open and gave myself a nail polish change right then and there, on my desk, whistling away while I worked. And it was GLORIOUS… for about an hour. Then I washed my hands. Then I went home and started my afternoon routine. Walk the dog, prep dinner, clean, shower, sleep. (So fun I know.) Within 2 hours, my nails were destroyed and those gorgeous velvet-coated nails that took me 30 minutes to execute were left looking clumpy and somehow sprouted nasty peach fuzz. What I thought would be a velvety gorgeous color now looked like I dipped my fingertips in the lint trap with wet nail polish on. GROSS. This brings me to my point. We all love to be trendy and love to adorn the latest makeup trendto our faces and hair and nails, but at what point is too far? Candy coated hair and nails are SUPER trendy these days, but if you walk into that conference room with rainbow highlights are you now a circus clown? How can we incorporate these crazes without going over the edge?

The answer, which may apply to your weekend activities – everything can be good in moderation. Mostly, without mixing. Functional trends are key. Most of us live a fabulous, yet modest lifestyle. Meaning, we aren’t going to fashion week and aren’t followed by the paparazzi daily.  But we LOVE wearing what’s hot and want to look and feel our best. That burgundy-red vampy lipstick? It’s perfect with the rest of your makeup being nude. No glares and stares there. Cobalt blue eye shadow with extremely pink blush and that burgundy-red lipstick = Circus clown. Don’t work on electrical wires with wet hair. See what I did there?

Most of us get these beauty rules, but there are some times that fashion doesn’t meet function, hence my example above. Maybe wearing tiny beads on your lips is a bad idea. Maybe that confetti sparkled lipstick will make me look like I just ate a birthday cake sans napkin instead of wowing my co-workers. That caviar manicure will not help me when I’m playing fetch with my dog or when I’m cleaning out horse stalls. It’s ok to be out of the box, but practice trends in moderation.

Although, if you want to get crazy, try the bagel head trend and call me.



  1. Dawne Roberts
    Posted September 27, 2012 at 4:40 am | Permalink

    When is Ms. Brinkley going to give us a rich-creamy body lotion or an eye balm? I love her products and her daily regemines(since the 70′s). Please give us more products!!!!

  2. Marc Rodri
    Posted September 28, 2012 at 3:41 am | Permalink

    I’m not a nail polish wiz, and most effects are difficult for me, but this is easy to use and tons of fun. I think it was actually a bit difficult to remove!

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