Beautyfix by DermStore Secret Selection LAUNCH


You don’t want to miss out on this! Beautyfix is helping DermStore celebrate their 12 year anniversary by offering a special “Secret Selection Kit” available on DermStore! Don’t wait. . . this offer is only available while supplies last! You will receive an eight piece kit, for $29.99 which retails for over $250. Give it a whirl, and enjoy the element of surprise! My favorite part of being a member of BeautyFix, is getting to try new products! I am definitely a product junkie and BeautyFix helps feed that addiction.

Are you familiar with BeautyFix? If not this is the perfect opportunity to learn more, and JOIN! BeautyFix is a quarterly beauty membership program created to introduce members to new and wonderful products. They feature all kinds of products covering cosmetics, skincare, hair care and even nail care! This is a secret selection of top picks which are selected from experts, and all are exceptional . . . you soon will see!

Trying new makeup never gets old, and there is always new beauty care to be tried! I love finding new “must have” products, I also love sharing these great finds with family and friends! BeautyFix is not only great for those of you who love trying new products, but great for people who have a hard time selecting makeup, or hair care for themselves. With the sea of products that are available, sometimes things can get super confusing and dare we say . . . complicated! Hence, with BeautFix you are having the experts step in and take some of the pressure off yourself!

3 Responses to “Beautyfix by DermStore Secret Selection LAUNCH”

  1. Dionne

    I just ordered mine today. Very excited to see what is inside. I hope this becomes a regular promotion.

  2. Vanessa Brown

    I got mine and I love it! I’m really excited, and so far am really enjoying the products. I can’t believe what a bargain this is. A really nice treat to try some high end items I might not have tried otherwise.

  3. Emma G

    I ordered this and love it. Can’t wait to try the LiSa Hoffman serum!

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