Best Hair Blowout Ever

With Los Angeles Fashion Week on the horizon I was treated to an amazing hair blowout at the renowned Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills. LA might not be known for its fashion, but let me tell you, we know how to do carefree, sexy hair with the twitch of a brush!

Lucky me! The uber cool Brittany who’s worked with hairstylist Cristophe for years (his clientele list includes Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman and Goldie Hawn to name a few) gave my mane some major hair blowout love.  Brittany whirled and twirled and blew my hair into a sexy, move-out-of-the way-Gisele-sort-of-masterpiece. The best part is that not only do I look like I’m about to step foot onto a Victoria’s Secret runaway (just the hair people, just the hair), but my tresses are super soft, super shiny and full of volume! And what’s even crazier than my hair looking Victoria Secret model ready is that instead of using a curling iron on my hair she curled it with a round brush and blow dryer! That’s it! I was amazed to say the least.

I know you can’t all make it out to see the fabulous Brittany for a hair blowout, but you can see exactly how to re-create this same look with a curling iron on Brittany’s blog (it’s pretty much impossible to curl your own hair with a brush and blow dryer so a curling iron is the best route). Good luck!

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