Best Relaxation Therapy – Hot Stone Massage

Typically I write about products, skin care or makeup. Today, I decided to write about one of my best relaxation experiences I’ve had this year – getting my first hot stone massage. I was invited on a trip to Ontario, Canada and one of the stops was at the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville. After finding out the name of the resort I had to find out if they had a spa. I did some research and realized that this resort is home for one of the four Shizen spas.
I immediately reached out to them and they were very kind and invited me to have a life time experience. Getting a hot stone massage was a first time for me; I usually get deep tissue massages but never thought of getting a hot stone massage, I did not know what to expect.

At first I was worried but at the same time very intrigued, I wasn’t sure what I got myself into. My friend had told me that this type of massage was something that I was either going to enjoy or it could also be the first and last time I was going to get one. I did my research and learned about the health benefits of hot stone massage. It was just what I was looking for and it made me more confident about the decision I had made.

The Shizen spa is located in a non-obvious place in the main building. Once I arrived to the spa I was greeted by one of their staff members, she was also very nice. I proceeded to go to their waiting room which it is equipped with a steam room and showers. I was given a robe and sandals; by the way, this is the perfect place to be with your mom or girlfriends! As I’m walking into the treatment room I started to get nervous but at the same time I was very excited, I’m not sure if my therapist was able to realize how nervous I was. As she started massaging my back and I started to relax I couldn’t believe I was getting this amazing treatment, it was relaxing but yet fascinating. I didn’t want her to stop. The tension I was getting every time I was being touched with one of the hot stones immediately disappeared after she gently massaged my body. You would definitely have to get one of these kinds of massages to know what I’m talking about. This massage lasted about 80 minutes but it left me wanting more!
I would have to say that a hot stone massage is one of those things that a person should try at least once. It relaxes you in a way that no other massage therapy does.

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