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Better Beauty, Uncorked

BY guestblogger · May 14, 2014


There’s one thing health experts and oenophiles (wine connoisseurs) can agree on. Red wine may be the most promising key to unlocking the mysteries of the aging process. Consumed in moderation, this potent potable has been linked to a wealth of health benefits—from disease prevention to increased longevity. Recently, attention has shifted to the effects of key wine extracts on the skin. With benefits ranging from visibly brighter skin to diminished lines and wrinkles, word from the beauty grapevine is: red wine is in!

The Beauty Benefits of Red Wine

Most of red wine’s health benefits come from its high antioxidant concentration. Studies show that antioxidants like Resveratrol can help minimize the effects of oxidative damage, which can age the skin before its time. While the most common source of oxidative stress comes from UV exposure, other causes include poor dietary and lifestyle choices, such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

Skin Damage Undone

Excessive exposure to UV rays and other environmental threats can lead to free radicals in the skin and body. These highly unstable molecules can cause extensive damage, often appearing in the form of early lines, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of elasticity. Antioxidants like Resveratrol sacrifice themselves to neutralize the threat and, thus, minimize the visible signs of damage.

Resveratrol in Makeup

While resveratrol has made serious inroads into the skincare market, its appearance in makeup is a recent phenomenon. A key pioneer in the red wine makeup revolution is Pür Minerals, whose newest lip , mask and cheek products boast two forms of this powerhouse ingredient: Resveratrox and Vitisin. Taken from the skin, vines and shoots of Bordeaux’s finest wine-producing grapes, these vine-fresh ingredients work to minimize the look of lip lines, expression lines and dark spots—even after the products come off!

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About the Author:

Pizzini-DrewSenior Copywriter Drew Pizzini has been the chief marketing writer and editor for Pür Minerals and CosMedix for over five years. His expertise ranges from modern skincare science to makeup trends. Based in Atlanta, Drew has contributed articles featured in national consumer and trade publications.

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