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Beyoncé sets things straight

BY Sam · February 4, 2013

After what seems like the first hiccup in a Beyoncé routine since…ummm, well, ever in last month’s Inauguration performance, the stage was set at the Super Bowl last night for the irreplaceable songstress to put all those stupid little questions to bed. And she didn’t let us down, putting on a half-time performance that won’t be forgotten any time soon, enthralling the crowd and the millions watching around the world. From start to finish we were all captivated by the performance that had it all—lights, fireworks, amazing Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Showchoreography, a Destiny’s Child reunion, and most importantly, that voice!

The half-time show has always been a performance. It’s the glue that holds the night together between the ridiculously expensive yet always entertaining ads, and of course the spectacle of the game. In the past some acts just haven’t cut it—remember that performance of sorts by the Black Eyes Peas in 2011? Some get overwhelmed, and some just can’t cut it in a time-strict interlude that demands perfection. The national anthem is all about the voice and the feeling that comes with it, but the halftime show is meant to keep the millions entertained. Well, Beyoncé did it all.

Opening with “Love on Top,” slow, drawn-out lines put an immediate stamp over the doubters, hitting and sustaining some amazing notes. Then she got her strut on for “Crazy in Love,” reminding us of those legs as she put one powerful foot in front of the other, just as she did in the 2003 video. Tearing away parts of her outfit, Beyoncé commanded our attention, showing off her famous curves that are as sexy as ever. Energy, charisma, big notes, the moves, Beyoncé had it all. Even with a Destiny’s Child reunion, including a rendition of “Single Ladies” that brought the house down, there was still more, with the one-of-a-kind performer reminding us of just why she is so. Down at the front of the stage, within touching distance of the adoring fans, she belted out “Halo.” Gasping after a 10-extravaganza, she still had room for one last heartfelt ballad, putting the closing touches on an amazing performance.

If there were any doubters in the last few weeks, they have well and truly been silenced. It was a show that made the world stop and once again sing the praises of a woman that never fails to amaze us.

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