‘Blow Me’…The Professional Blowout Beauty App!


How often do you find yourself in a rush for time and still needing to spruce up your hair? You haven’t got time to sit there and dry your long mane, and you can’t even fathom a drive to your local Drybar through the swarm of LA traffic. Answer: it’s going to be a hair up kind of night, right? Wrong! Thanks to the creative genius of Sylvia Vaught and Elizabeth Cullen, you can get a professional blowout anywhere, anytime.

Officially launched Monday, October 7th, ‘Blow Me’ is the answer to so many of our prayers. It’s not a salon, and it’s not an invite-only type of service, it’s an App. Blow Me is the professional blowout service that comes to your door, and we mean literally to your door. No matter if it’s at home, the office, or when you’re away on vacay up in a hotel, you can get a professional blowout.

Blow Me is the App that understands the modern woman. Not everyone has the time or money to get to a salon whenever they’re in need of a blowout, and that’s why the stylist comes to you. They’re fully equipped, certified, and it’s a cashless service; no tip, no nothing. With the simple click of a button a professional stylist can be at your door within the hour, a flat fee is charged to your registered credit card, and you’ll have yourself a beautiful blowout.

The service has been launched in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood thus far, but with the intention to spread throughout California and hopefully other major cities soon. So, the next time you’re in need of a blowout, instead of trying to book the service weeks in advance, do yourselves a favor and download the Blow Me App now from the iTunes App Store or the Android Market, and when you’re in need, a stylist can be there.


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