Breaking Bad Habits


Beauty Habits to Break Now!

 How am I going to get over my Breaking Bad addiction? After 5 seasons and 62 episodes the show I have loved is now over! I did get emotional when the credits rolled and took to twitter to cheer the end of this griping tale that even weeks  later I am still thinking about. So when I sat down to write this blog it seemed only fitting to add “Breaking Bad” into the title, and this is how it applies.

1. Falling Asleep with Makeup On

This is probably the number #1 bad beauty habit on everyone’s list! If you do not remove your makeup before you go to bed, product can build up on your skin and cause breakouts. I know we all have come home from a late night out and have said to ourselves this one time of not removing our makeup will not hurt, but IT DOES. There are many wonderful cleansers out there and you do need to find the one that is right for your skin. For when you need a quick fix, Klorane makeup remover wipes are easy to use and leave no residue.

2. Dirty Makeup Brushes

You clean your hair brush and change your toothbrush on a regular basis right? So why do you let your make-up brushes, which you also use every day, fall by the wayside? If you do not clean you makeup brushes often, dirt and oil build up and deposit onto your face. I think the reason most of us don’t clean them more often is because we think it takes too long, but really it takes only takes a few minutes. I love Brush Cleaner by Colorescience; it is super easy to use and dries pretty quickly. I usually clean my brushes at night before I go to bed (it only takes 5 minutes) and they are dry in the morning.

3. Forgetting SPF

According to the American Cancer Society, one person dies of melanoma every hour. You’d think we would all be slathering on SPF constantly, but many of us think it’s only important to wear sunscreen if we are laying out by the pool or at the beach. In fact, we get sun walking to and from our homes, driving in our car and just about any other place we go unless we are holed up in a cave somewhere. If you have never heard of Elta MD sunscreen PLEASE goes out and buy it now! You will wonder how you ever lived without it. The one I use daily is Elta MD Broad Spectrum SPF 30, which is very lightweight.

4. Wrapping Hair in a Wet Towel

When hair is wet it stretches and breaks easily. Rubbing your hair too hard and pulling it in a tight towel can break hair at the shaft and lead to damaged and frizzy strands. Of course you cannot just walk out of the shower with dripping wet hair, but you do need to take gentle care with an absorbent towel when blotting the water from your hair. Also be gentle when combing or brushing your hair, I LOVE The Wet Brush, which is gentle enough for toddlers’ hair. It can even be used in the shower to comb through conditioner.

5. Neglecting your Neck

Forgetting to moisturize and use sunscreen below the jawline leaves your neck open to the elements and can cause it to show signs of aging faster. Also remember that the top of your ears and hands need protection as well. My favorite neck cream is Guinot Longue Vie Firming Vital Neck Care.



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