Burn More Calories with Zaggora’s Hot Pants and Lotions!


Having trouble getting the results you would like from your workouts?

Zaggora is a new brand to DermStore, with new products that will help allow for better results. The brand is known for their hot pants which helps increase calorie burn. Does this sound too good to be true? Well it gets even better; in addition to their hot pants the brand also has great products that can be used in combination with their hot pants or to be used on their own to get smoother, tighter skin on legs and thighs.

Zaggora’s hot pants ThermoFit Technology is a multi-layer fabric technology which harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories. The pants allow you to sweat more, and melt off more pounds. Compared to wearing regular workout pants, these hot pants allow you to burn 11% more calories while exercising and 13% more calories in the hour after exercising.

It’s amazing being able to do the same exact workout, but see more results/sweat (lots & lots more sweat). Never have I literally had sweat drip from the bottom of my workout pants, until now. The pants are also comfortable, and act like spanx. They hold you in, and are slimming!

In addition to using the hot pants, I have been testing the brands Motion Lotion and Svelt Melt.  The Motion Lotion is great to apply before exercise, its helps stimulate fat cell breakdown to promote circulation and diminishing the appearance of stretch marks. Svelt Melt to be applied after your workout which helps diminishes the look of cellulite and promotes a smoother look and feel.

Same time on the treadmill, more calories burned – doesn’t seem like a bad deal!

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