Call Me Ponce de Leon Because I Discovered the Fountain of Youth


New products are constantly landing on my desk, all touting the latest and greatest technology, boasting the newest and trendiest ingredient and all of them promising to be the miracle skin solution that I have been searching for. I’ve been in the beauty business for a while and our site carries over 28,000 different products, so to say that I am jaded when it comes to beauty products is an understatement. I know the kinds of products I like—no-fuss, minimal steps—and stick with those products, unless of course something amazing and FREE winds up on my desk because, aside from being jaded, I’m cheap. Which is why, despite years of hearing how amazing it is, I have never tried the life-changing serum that is SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. At $157.00, it isn’t the cheapest antioxidant serum out there, but my coworkers—and just about every beauty editor I have ever met—swear on their Clarasonic that this little bottle is the answer to anti-aging. Actually, I remember reading a post over a year ago on from one of their beauty editors. TSA would not let her take her C E Ferulic through security despite it being within the carry-on guidelines. Her options were either to throw it out and make her flight or check her bag and take a later flight. She, a beauty editor who has every product at her disposal, opted to check her bag and miss her flight rather than toss the serum. Even after reading that, I could not bring myself to purchase it.

Finally, a few weeks ago, a brand new (FREE) bottle of C E Ferulic landed on my desk and let me tell you: Oh. My. Gosh. There is a reason it has 345 5-star reviews and wins every beauty award there is. This stuff is liquid gold. After just two weeks of using it, I feel like I discovered the fountain of youth. My skin looks so much smoother and brighter, I am not constantly staring at my pores, and it even has helped a few acne scars heal! The instructions say to use 4-5 drops on your face and neck, so what I do is use the dropper to drop the product directly on my face so as to not accidently waste any of the product. Anyone who sees me doing this—using the dropper directly on my face instead of my fingertips like a normal person—would probably think I’m a weirdo, but there are very special ingredients in there that cannot be wasted! This super serum uses 15% pure L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 1% alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) and ferulic acid to diminish and prevent visible signs of aging. It also neutralizes free radicals, shields against UV damage, enhances collagen production and conditions and brightens the skin. Basically it does everything.

I know not everyone has a job where bottles of miracle products show up on her desk, so DermStore is giving you a chance to have a mini-miracle bottle show up on your doorstep! Six very lucky people will receive a SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic 4ml deluxe sample. All you have to do is tell me in the comments below whether or not you would miss a flight to save your favorite beauty product. Six winners will be selected at random on 5/16.

*Congrats to our winners:

1.) Natalie Dylan

2.) Jamie B.

3.) Parissa

4.) Eustacia Milusis

5,) Susan Stickney

6.) Sarah M.


72 Responses to “Call Me Ponce de Leon Because I Discovered the Fountain of Youth”

  1. Mystry

    Hmm… it depends on where my flight would be taking me. ^-^

  2. Donna Ouimette

    No I’ve had them throw out all my AH-SO sauce LOL cried all the way from Boston to Phx was so mad LOL forgot it was a liquid ughh I never thought to change my flight LOL

  3. Dar Coleman

    Yes I would miss my flight, if the product was as good as you say. I have tried so many products. None seem to work, as well as they are advertised to. Since I have gone on a journey of radiation, and chemo, my skin as really been through some stressful times!! It would be wonderful to find a product that really works.

  4. Andrea Pfouts

    Well, it depends. If the bottle was new, half full or more, I would miss the flight and check it in my luggage. If the bottle was only a third full or close to empty I would throw it away & get on my flight. Thank You!

  5. Jan Polczynski

    Let me try it and if it’s that good,I would miss the flight!

  6. Kristi Price

    Ummmm, why yes I would miss that flight! lol You are right that there are so many products saying that THEY are THE one that will fix all of your beauty problems and most of them aren’t, so if I were to find a product that works so well, and especially if it were expensive, yes I would miss the flight. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Jamie B

    There is NO DOUBT about it, I absolutely would miss a flight to save my sacred beauty products!

  8. Camila Summerland

    Definitely! I missed a flight once because I had to return home to get it!

  9. Victoria Madison

    haha for sure! no question! Especially when traveling anywhere, got to make sure I look great, so if I can’t go with my beauty products, then I’d make other arrangements.

  10. Em Hudson

    Oh my that’s a tough one. I guess it depends, if I’m traveling by myself, I very likely would miss the flight. But, if I’m with someone like a co-worker or friend, I guess I’d still fly. But I might beg TSA to hold my product for me lol That I would do!

  11. Sabrina Belvedere

    I had to really think about this……..Yes! I’d miss my flight. A girls got to do what a girls got to do.

  12. Holly Mathews

    Anything in name of beauty! A BIG YES YES YES! I’d miss the flight! (I sounds nuts lol, but I’d miss it)

  13. Josephine A

    It all would depend on much use I’ve gotten out of it and how much I spent. Some products are $100-400+! So it depends on the cost of my product I’m carrying with me.

  14. Deanna James

    Well I’m a hard core planner, so in my perfect world this should never happen to me lol If I’m traveling for work, yes I’d miss the flight. If traveling for pleasure no I wouldn’t miss my flight lol

  15. Megan Bell

    With all things considered, time & cost of travel, I don’t think I’d miss the flight. I might cry on the flight for having abandoned my fav beauty product, but I’d still travel.

  16. Giselle Luna

    omg that would be tough! Especially if I think about a very pricey skin care product my husband bought me, yikes, that’d be tough! Maybe I’m too sentimental ;)

  17. Aaron Reck

    I would miss the flight. I mean, a lot of these have time released active ingredients and can be very pricey in themselves. So long as the air line will let me reschedule I’m going with beauty.

  18. Magdalena P

    I’d use my super persuasive powers and convince TSA to allow me to take my beauty product. I wouldn’t miss the flight.

  19. Parissa

    That would be such a bummer!! I would not miss the flight. Great question! You’ve encouraged me to make sure I am 100% TSA ready to fly soon and not risk any of my prized beauty products :)

  20. Cynthia Dubuque

    I wouldn’t miss a flight to save my favorite beauty product. That would be extremely stressful. Stressing makes you appear to age faster and would cause more wrinkles resulting in the need to buy even more beauty products to reverse the signs of aging that missing my flight caused.

  21. Dayna Firchow

    I wouldnt miss my flight but i would be very upset.i love my beauty supplies but what girl doesnt :)

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