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Calling All Men – Change your life with The Art of Shaving

By Blake Dirickson

I am a habitual electric shaver. I rarely shave with a razor—not for fear of sharp objects, but from a jolt of common sense that tells me not to put sharp, moving objects on my face. When the hair on my neck gets really ugly, I remove the extension from my electric and swipe at myself blindly in my shower until the sound of the shaver lulls me to sleep. I am prone to say, “I’ll shave with a razor 3 times a year but preferably never.” This may seem like a drastic statement, but we’re talking about taking a razor to your face. Call me what you will, but that seems “drastic” to me.

“The Art of Shaving” shaving cream has been a life changer. I tried the lemon-scented version, which smells like Italian lemon bars, over the course of a week. Despite every rational thought I had before, I began to look forward to using a sharpened blade to remove facial hair. My face was actually softer after the shave than before. Sound crazy? You haven’t experienced The Art of Shaving. There were no rough spots, no redness, and I was left with the “morning after” look for days afterward. Full disclosure: The fact I just wrote about my “softer” face, does sound crazy. I’m going to stop here before I get too excited.

I highly recommend The Art of Shaving to anyone with hair. That’s a big thing for me to write. I’ve never recommended a beauty product. Usually, I limit my enthusiasm for recommending burritos at “Holy Guacamole” in Santa Monica, books like “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” by J. Foer, and open air bars under tarps “Warzawa.” My enthusiasm for life has expanded.

I feel like I’m tapping into parts of me I never knew existed.


Blake Dirickson

p.s. If you’re my father or either of my brothers-in-law, then expect “The Art of Shaving” under the tree this Christmas.

Blake Dirickson is a screenwriter and comic in Santa Monica, CA who specializes in independent film. When Blake’s not spinning yarns to tickle the funny bone, he’s performing various tasks as a freelance advertiser and content producer. His most recent project required 100 consecutive days of standup comedy—the  documentary film “100 Days Standing” was filmed in Los Angeles and in his home town of Saratoga, CA. Blake has also adapted a novel by Jim Lehrer entitled “Kick the Can,” produced a feature film about car sales called “CarBabes” and completed three marathons. Blake prefers boxers over briefs.




  1. William Betch
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 10:41 am | Permalink

    I used this cream to shave and my skin has never been smoother or softer. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. John
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    If you really want to be impressed with men’s shaving and skincare, you should upgrade to TwinLuxe skincare products. DermStore sells the TwinLuxe skincare line.

    There’s nothing but 5-star reviews DermStore customers have given to the TwinLuxe shaving skincare line.

    Try it and you’ll be smiling everyday just like me.

  3. Posted May 2, 2011 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    @William – No problem! My goal here is to cure those of us who have fears of shaving.
    @John – I tip my hat to your conviction. Not many men would 5 star a product.

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