Clear Skin Starts from Within


A few months ago, my skin had taken a turn for the worse—blame that on sugar, hormones and working at a beauty company. Fortunately, there’s another side of working at a company that specializes in skin care: realizing the importance of finding products that suit my skin. At first I was embarrassed and self-conscious about the adult acne that sprouted all over my chin and the white bumps that were all over my forehead. I never struggled with acne as a teen, so why now? When I went to a dermatologist, I was told that I could take a medication that might help clear up my skin, but she warned me that the side effects could be severe. So I was determined to find a more natural and lasting way to clear up and clear out the toxins that were being expressed through my pores.

The moment I put my embarrassment aside (and realized that the people around me have a vast knowledge of skin care I can use), I started sharing my skin concerns and problem areas with some of the women I work with. Through vocalizing my concerns about my skin—and with the help of my colleagues’ recommendations—I was able to create an effective skin care regimen that really worked for me. It’s amazing how simple things—like cleaning my makeup brushes at least every three days with Eminence’s Natural Brush Cleaner and incorporating a potent mask like Eminence Probiotic Masque once a week—was able to soothe my inflamed skin and really keep my skin clean and clear.

The Sulfur Mask by Dr. Dennis Gross became a new “must-have” in my medicine cabinet. I use this every morning and night over problem areas and it helped decrease oil production in those areas without leaving my skin dry and irritated. The Eminence Probiotic Face Cleanser was also a true lifesaver for my complexion. It contains tea tree oil, one of my favorite natural ingredients, so not only does it leave my face feeling tingly fresh, it also helps absorb some of that excess oil.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Eminence became my go-to skin care brand. The natural ingredients in the products have really inspired me to take a closer look at just exactly what I am putting on my skin, and made me realize how important it is to treat my skin with the same respect I treat my body. And not only that: switching to all-natural skin care products has also motivated me to do the same to my diet (I used to eat a lot of candy and sweets), which has also helped my complexion clear up. It has been a journey of trial and error, but seeing all these positive results makes everything really worth it!

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