Coconut Oil, The Cure All!

I love coconut oil. I use it in my bath, cook with it, use it as a hair mask, and lately it has been my natural moisturizer of choice. Coconut oil is an anti-aging wonder, rich with fatty acids and antioxidants that defend against free radical damage. It is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, which makes it ideal for treating different skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dry flaky skin. Having super sensitive skin, I am extremely cautious about what I put on my skin. Coconut oil is my cure all, beauty secret weapon!

When I came across the organic raw coconut oil based cosmetic line RMS Beauty, I knew I had discovered a gem. This organic cosmetic line was created by Rose-Marie Swift, a natural beauty icon and celebrity makeup artist. The entire line is a real treat, but my absolute favorite, can’t-live-without-it products are the Living Luminizer and the silky, nourishing Un Cover-Up Concealer.

Creating a natural, dewy look is simple using just these two products. Apply the concealer under your eyes and on your eyelids for a flawless matte base. Then, gently apply the luminizer to the inner corners of your eyes, brow bone, and underneath your eyes for that incredible healthy glow that we are all trying to achieve! The luminizer is unlike anything that I have tried before and trust me I have tried them all. The formula is not greasy or sparkly at all, it provides a radiant glow suitable for all ages. For a photo ready look, apply the luminizer right above the bow of your lips and along the top of your nose as well. These are all makeup tips and tricks from Rose-Marie Swift herself that she uses at her photo shoots on celebrity faces such as Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr!

It is rare that I come across natural makeup that is up to par both ingredient and performance wise. RMS Beauty far exceeded my high standards and I am determined to share my love for their products! The Cream Eye Shadows are rich in pigment and come in five beautiful shades. “Magnetic” is a gorgeous plum mauve that especially accents brown eyes. They do not crease or smudge and provide great hydration throughout the day. RMS Beauty also has a Raw Coconut Cream that comes in a convenient jar, which I love to use as my makeup remover because it does not strip natural oils or cause irritation. This product even removed my most stubborn waterproof liquid eyeliner!

I really believe in the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil, so I am very glad that it has made its way into both skin care and cosmetics!


3 Responses to “Coconut Oil, The Cure All!”

  1. Erinn Dailey

    Wow! I had no idea there was a line like this! I also adore coconut oil and use it for everything. I can’t wait to try this “good for you” line! xo

  2. Michelle Brennan

    I need to try this! Like you I have crazy sensitive skin.

  3. Linda George

    It really works..i loved this product.My skin became smooth and it is good for anti-aging.

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