Confessions of a Coffee Drinker

Confessions of a Coffee Drinker

I have a confession to make: I am horrible about taking care of my teeth. Something which my dentist can attest to. My daily indulgences of caffeine are catching up to me and now the whole world can see, that yes, I am a coffee drinker. It is no longer that radiant smile that I had during my 20s. Thanks to my dull smile, I’m now a poster child for stained teeth. Talk about a turn off for holiday season! So what’s a girl to do? Well, lucky for me, I know how to do some research and found that DermStore has the perfect option: Smile Sciences. On that note, I’m giving myself this holiday season, the ultimatum of getting my oral care in check. A 14 day commitment to Smile Sciences seems pretty doable.

Forget the days of those horrible oral trays that were molded to your teeth, now it’s as easy as a chic pen that fits perfectly in your clutch. For me, it’s an easy, realistic commitment because after I finish my latte (iced decaf nonfat to be exact) during my morning commute, I easily apply the Smile Sciences pen and let the 12% Hydrogen Peroxide work its magic for the next 30 minutes while I listen to my NPR or BlogRadio. It’s important to note that during the use of this product, you need to commit to the following:

  • Use the product 2-3 times a day for 14 days
  • Don’t drink or eat anything 30 minutes after application
  • Don’t share your pen with others (seriously guys? gross)
  • Close the cap tightly to avoid the product from drying out

Doing the above will help you see the best results. You can’t expect the magic to occur after one application, like all good things in life, you get results when you show up 100%. As a reward, you’ll get that brighter smile without any sensitivity. Now that’s something I can celebrate.

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