Cover FX’s 10th Anniversary Giveaway

We’ve found that your skin is most important, but sometimes everything doesn’t go as we’d like it to. We all have gorgeous flawed skin, yes flawed because no one is perfect. Perfection isn’t easily achieved and most of us will be working at this for most of our lives. What I really love about cosmetics is I get to play with different makeup products to help diminish, heal or cover up my skin concerns.  One of my concerns that I tend to cover up is the hyperpigmentation (brown spots) on my cheeks.

One brand that’s dedicated to helping with our skin concerns is Cover FX who is also celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Their vision is to help men and women achieve a greater confidence by offering makeup products with therapeutic benefits. And What better way to celebrate a 10 year anniversary than to have a giveaway for all of our fabulous readers?

“My dream was to help men & women with skin conditions face the world with confidence by offering them makeup products with therapeutic benefits that would perfectly match their skin tone, be affordable, well tolerated by even the most sensitive skins and achieve a perfectly natural flawless effect.” – Lee Graff, Co-creator of Cover FX

So that leaves us with a question to ask… What’s your biggest skin concern?

Post your comment now below telling us your biggest skin concern to enter to win one of four Big CoverUp Kits from Cover FX

**4 winners will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell us what your biggest skin concern  on Dermstore’s Cover FX’s 10th Anniversary Giveaway. Giveaway starts on 3/2/10 and ends 3/17/10 at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be announced during the time of 3/22/10 –3/28/10.

232 Responses to “Cover FX’s 10th Anniversary Giveaway”

  1. Missy Bozarth

    My biggest and the most frustrating thing is finding a foundation that matches my skin but even more then that having it even out my complexion.

  2. karen

    I have been looking for a water resistant cover up for my face. I developed a lack of pigment problem in my inner nose area and am more than a lot paranoid about it. I live in Canada (between Niagara Falls and Hamilton, Ontario) and would like to try your product. I’ve never seen it in Canada. Do you have a store location near me to buy your product? So exited that this may be my life saver. Karen L.

  3. Debbie

    My concerns are aging skin, fine lines and a few deeper lines starting to be more prominent and still sporting an oily t-zone. Thank you for the contest.

  4. Jennifer Rutsky

    My biggest concern is getting older and looking it.

  5. missjoyce

    How can I combat dry facial skin and crows feet with the same application??????

  6. Liz

    My concern is sensitive skin and aging. I have to be very careful what products I use.

  7. missjoyce

    My biggest concern is what to look for in a makeup, that will not only give my skin a glow, but also help minimize crows feet and dry skin.

  8. Shanna Ruetz

    My BIGGEST concern is sensitive skin and trying to find something gentle enough for it.

  9. Karen

    My biggest skin concern is trying to cover up my hyper-pigmentation. I haven’t found a product that covers it really well but believe me I’ve tried.

  10. Joanna Smith

    Ohhhh do I need this! My biggest skin care concern is covering up my embarrassing Rosacea. The last year has been especially hard for me, as I am very self conscious about the redness and bumpy texture that my skin has. I have been to the skin doctor, but the metrogel dries out my skin so I choose not to use it. Rather I have been trying to keep my skin clear through healthy diet and skin care products formulated for my skin type and most importantly concealers! I have yet to find a concealer that really conceals it all. I want so much to feel more confident about myself and the way my skin looks so trying this kit would be a dream come true for me! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  11. Shari Johnson

    My biggest concern is my dark circles under my eyes. I want to look natural and not made up with the coverup for it.

  12. Kayte CookWatts

    My biggest concern is adult acne,and a little sun damage(from trying to tan the acne away as a teen)

  13. Kate

    I have life-long DARK circles, and my eyes are now appearing sunken. I have to use heavy-duty concealer, and even then … they’re still somewhat visible!

  14. Victoria Smith

    My biggest concern is covering up spots and uneven skin tone and getting a flawless finish with a product that doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin. Oh and dark circles and wrinkles at 26, but thats another story lol!

  15. Patty

    My biggest concerns concerning my skin are:

    I want smooth, flawless looking skin, but don’t want it to look like I’m wearing makeup.
    I’m 49, still get some acne, have large pores, oily skin, but now, I am noticing some fine lines so I must battle that along with breakouts…help!
    Is there a product that can prevent shine, close pores, prevent breakouts & moisturize?!

  16. Judy Beach

    My biggest concern is evening out my skin tone in a “natural” way for a more flawless look.

  17. Sommer Battista

    My biggest concern is the fine lines and skin breakouts. They both drive me nuts.

  18. Melissa

    My biggest skin concern has to be, hands down, dark circles. I have the hereditary kind. Thanks Mom! There’s no getting rid of them… So the next best thing is to cover them up. But finding the right product to do so is near impossible! That’s where Cover FX comes in. I just know The Big Cover Up Kit is the holy grail of concealing without hiding!!! And I promise, if I am lucky enough to get my hands on the kit, I will share with my mom since she struggles with her dark circles even more than I do… Thanks Cover FX and Dermstore!!!

  19. Patricia

    My biggest concern is covering up my rosy cheeks due to rosacea

  20. wendy

    my biggest skin concerns are uneven skin tone, blemishes, and reddness!
    Good luck!

  21. Jenn

    My biggest concerns are blemishes that don’t go away and leave red marks when they finally do, and then also discoloration (uneven, dull skin tone)


  22. Allia

    My biggest concern is my dark circles. I am only 25,but dark circles make me look older. I have had them since I was 12, they are genetic. I’ve tried a billion creams- nothing works ;( Concealer is my #1 rescue and my last option.

  23. missjoyce

    My biggest concerns is the morning puffiness and dark circles just under my eyes. HELP

  24. Galina

    I adore the FX products. I keep running to Sephora to buy more of the compact mineral powder and I can’t live without my FX anti-acne primer.

  25. jet@dry skin acne

    my biggest concern is my big eye bags it really makes me lessen my confidence.

  26. missjoyce

    My biggest concern is the sagging skin over my eye and how to firm it up.

  27. Diane Kleiman

    My biggest skin concerns involve foundation, concealers and face powders settling into the fine lines around my eyes and mouth exacerbating my facial flaws, the very thing I’m trying to conceal, thus really making them more noticeable. It would be nice to find a product that gives a nice, flawless airbrushed look without the look of caking and without accentuating my fine lines.

  28. Kammi

    My biggest skin concern is oily! I can’t stand oily skin. I want to get rid of it. Esp, Hawaii’s weather makes it really oily. I rather dry weather so my face would stay dry. lol.

  29. Tomoko

    My biggest skin concern is dark spots on my face. Its hard to cover up.

  30. Migdalia Reyes

    My concern is I’ve never really had any money to really buy much of anything so there for I can’t do much for my face which is I have dark spots and large pores and uneven texture just once I would like to feel pretty

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