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Creative Facial Hair on the Catwalk?

BY Sam · January 23, 2013

It is true that mustaches have been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance of late. Just take the Mo’s sported by our very own DermStore employees. Although these were grown purely for Movember, the stache has definitely hit back with the modern man and token hipster no longer just donning designer stubble.

This is where we’d like it to remain though. Guys taking on a classic approach and getting in touch with their dapper sides is a cool look, so long as you actually have the ability to grow some facial hair. Veteran designer¬†Yohji Yamamoto took male grooming and facial hair to a strange new place recently though during his Paris menswear show.¬†

We have no idea where the inspiration for this creative facial hair came from either, possibly the World Beard and Mustache Championships held late last year in Las Vegas, possibly the spotting of a Yetty, who knows. What we do know is that there was absolutely no attempt to keep this subtle. There was everything from the classic handlebar Mo, to a full Grizzly Adams-looking beard. Do we envisage a new trend coming on? 


Tell us what you think of these two epic facial growths.

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