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If you suffer from totally unpredictable skin like we do, you know that one of the most challenging times of year for skin care is upon us: summer. Heat and humidity call for different products than you’d use during the cooler months. But how do we know which products are best for the current season—and the rest of them?  Luckily, Dr. Dennis Gross has created an indispensable skin care set you’ll keep in your cosmetics bag all year round: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ Clinical Concentrate Boosters. These three water-free super serums — Radiance, Hydration, and Purifying — were formulated by the dermatologist with the goal of perfectly balanced skin in mind. They can be used like traditional serums— or you can mix them into and products you already use to boost their benefits. Buying a whole new regimen to suit your skin’s every whim is now unnecessary — and the travel-sized bottles mean no matter where you jet off to, your skin won’t be a source of stress.

• Radiance helps transform dull skin into a younger-looking, glowing, luminous complexion by utilizing linoleic, pyruvic, tartaric, and glycolic acids, along with retinol and quercetin

• Hydration leverages hyaluronic chronospheres, watermelon extract and centella asiatica  to infuse the skin with deep moisture for a firmer, softer, smoother-looking complexion

• Purifying controls excess oil and tightens pores for increased clarity with a combination of willow bark extract, witch hazel and lactic acid

How do you plan on using your Clinical Concentrate Boosters?

About the Author:

ddgEmily Orofino previously worked as the Brand Content Manager for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. She’s written for Refinery29 and other reputable publishers, but was so impressed by the efficacy of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare(TM) products that she joined the team in late 2012. She handled all things copy, including naming products, the words on packaging, eblasts, blogs, flyers, and more.

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