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Day 8 & 9 – A Lesson in Liquid Liner and A Dark Pout

There’s so much to do with makeup this fall with so many different color palettes to choose from. Even though there are always crazy fall makeup trends happening, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up a classic look. It’s dramatic yet understated. Classic cat-eyes with liquid liner is still always a do and can complement your features very well. With every classic look comes a bold one, so day 9 was all about a bold lip taken from the latest dark lips trend. Here’s the best way to get both these gorgeous trends.

The first factor to think about when choosing liquid eyeliner is what type would fit best with you. If you hold your writing utensils close to the point, you’ll want to use a pen style applicator for better precision. Try Lorac’s Front of the Line in black for an easy to the point cat eye. These are very easy to use and great liquid eyeliners, but they can run out a little quicker. I happen to be the type that loves to flick the brush along my eyes to achieve the perfect ‘winged’ look so I’m partial to a wand applicator. My favorite wand liquid eyeliner is Liquif-Eye by Too Faced Cosmetics because it’s intensely pigmented and water resistant. You’ll need an intense black to get the well defined cat eye. Now that you have your weapon of choice, you need to prep your eyes. Use a powder or cream-to-powder base to absorb any moisture to prevent your makeup from slipping throughout the day and ensure staying power. Time to start applying liquid eyeliner. Try to have the best steady hand that you can and get as close to the lash line as possible. To open up your eyes and widen them up, start in the middle of your eye and slowly work your way out. As you near to the corner of your eye, slowly angle the liner up and outward. The thicker and further you wing out your liner, the more dramatic it can be. This takes time to perfect so experiment with it and keep your cool if you mess up. You can always re-apply.

I’ve always thought that dark lipstick wasn’t a good look on me because of my natural blonde hair. Being a brunette has opened up a whole range of colors that I can play with and changed my outlook. Even if you have light hair you can find a darker red lipstick to fit you! Try to choose a lighter berry color that suits your skin tons and you’re in for the hottest trend for fall. My color choice was fun to pick out. After trying Julie Hewett lipsticks in a Beautyfix kit, I’ve been hooked because of how moisturizing and pigmented they are while staying on for a prolonged period of time. Sin Noir was the perfect dark red shade that I was searching for, plus I’m a sucker for the glamorous packaging. I recommend using a lip liner before using a dark lipstick. It helps to prolong the wear of the color and helps contour shape, but most importantly it keeps the lipstick from feathering into any tiny lines. The dark color creates the perfect dark pout for fall. Just keep it off your teeth and mission accomplished!


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  1. Diane Kleiman
    Posted September 4, 2010 at 11:54 pm | Permalink

    This is the first time I ever read your blog and I enjoyed it, especially your tips on how to apply eyeliner and your mentioning of Julie Hewett’s Sin Noir Lip Stick, a gorgeous red lipstick created personally by Hollywood Make up artist Julie Hewitt.I just wanted to add a few comments about red lipsticks in general vs red lipsticks made by Julie Hewitt. As a redhead with very fair skin and green eyes, I have always looked ridiculous wearing red lipstick. I envied all the girls who looked absolutely gorgeous with their lips painted red but according to all the “beauty experts”, redheads should NEVER wear such bold colors on their lips especially red lipstick. Knowing my love and endless search for a red lipstick that would look decent on me, AND get me noticed but in a good way, my best friend, who had vacationed in California, brought me home a beautifully wrapped box and told me to open it immediately because it contained exactly what I’ve been searching for. I opened it up and there were 4 lipsticks, all encased in the most gorgeous, lipstick tubes I have ever seen, incredibly classy, the type that women glance over at when you take it out of your bag to apply, wondering where you got it from. Each red lipstick was prettier than the last one and I was dying to immediately try on my new treasures.But then all those comments I heard growing up telling me never to wear red lipsticks started flooding my mind and I didn’t want to test each one, having the rest go to waste. After some persuasion from my friend, I tried on the first one, Called Belle Noir, and it was gorgeous, looked incredible on me Next came Thandie; this color is to die for, next, Nude Noir, the most gorgeous nude color but highly pigmented lipstick which looked like it was created just for me and finally a Hi shine lip gloss,named Mimi, highly pigmented moisturizing gloss all vitamin enriched, especially with vitamin E, which keeps your lips soft and moisturized all day long.Never before had one red lipstick looked good on me no less than 4 in a row. Since that time, I have ordered directly from Julie Hewett’s website, not only lipsticks but her gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and cheekies as well. I have never received a color or product I didn’t love. However, should you be unhappy with a purchase, Ms. Hewett will never let you walk away unhappy. Her love for the make up she personally creates and sells is evident in how she deals with the public. Her intent is to make the customer look and feel beautiful and she will go to all ends to make that so. Although Hewett is not a household name as yet like Bobbie Brown or Laura Mercier, it’s only a matter of time before she will be. As a huge make up junkie, I have tried and used every brand of high end make up sold on the market, yet NOTHING comes close to the quality and wearability of Hewitt’s line. Her red lipsticks are a reminder of the World War 2 years, when red lipsticks were all the rage only the quality and ingredients in her products are superior to those of yesteryear,second to none. Everything about this line is classy from the tube the lipstick comes in to the way the colors glisten on your lips and face. If you have never heard of the Hewitt line, you MUST go to her website and check it out for yourself. Trust me, you won’t walk away empty handed and you will become a lifelong devotee, just as I have.

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