De-Clutter Your Bathroom Counter with this Cute and Simple DIY Project


Like most women I struggle with taming the clutter spread about my bathroom vanity. Working in the beauty industry you can only imagine the amount of beauty products that I have accumulated. Although I frequently share products with friends and get rid of products that I no longer use, I still have an abundance of products that I use often.   My bathroom sink has become so littered with products that I felt as if I would never be able to get a handle on the clutter.  As a result, I made sure to keep my bathroom off limits to all visitors, including my own mother.

After browsing the web for bathroom organization ideas, I was inspired to finally do something about my little problem.  I was really fond of the idea of using a tiered pastry server, which usually costs about $15 to $25 each, to store and display my beauty products.  I was all set to purchase one until I came across a pin from Pinterest user Danita Hinds (damymy) , that inspired me to create my own for a fraction of the cost.

I purchased all of the components at my local dollar store, with the exception of the hot glue gun which I already owned. The beautiful thing about this DIY project is that no two will be exactly alike; everyone can put their own creative twist on it.

What I Used:

  • 1 Small Rectangle Serving Platter
  • 1 Medium Rectangle Serving Platter
  • 1 Glass Candle holder
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Extra Glue Sticks

While there are many methods that you could use to create this cosmetic tower, I preferred to use a glue gun in opposed to other adhesive agents.  I also preferred to glue my candle holder upside down, so that the narrowest part is attached to the base. This leaves you with more room on the bottom level of your tier. If you are interested in step-by-step instructions you can check out this basic tutorial from YouTube user debtisdum.  Happy Crafting!

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