DermStore and Sonya Dakar Summer Giveaway

We’re stocked up on SPF for the season but that’s not all we need to pay attention to. Staying healthy should be #1 on your list all year long. Keeping yourself healthy and in tip top shape will give you more energy and help you be happier. For more than 30 years, Sonya Dakar has created beautiful skin as well as a holistic skin care line to go with it. Their latest innovations are Sonya Dakar Supplements because beauty doesn’t start on the outside.

Sonya Dakar wants you to experience true beauty and maintain total skin health. That’s why we’re starting with the inside and giving away some of Sonya Dakar’s New Supplement line. What’s great about it, is that it promotes natural health and there’s something for everyone.

How do you enter? Simply comment on this blog post and tell us How do you stay healthy? 5 lucky winners will receive one of their fabulous new supplement products. What are you waiting for? Comment away?

I stay healthy by exercising twice a week and take vitamins. How do you stay healthy?

**5 winners will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell us how you stay healthy . Giveaway starts on 7/1/10 and ends 7/8/10 at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be announced during the time of 7/15/10 –7/30/10. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**

63 Responses to “DermStore and Sonya Dakar Summer Giveaway”

  1. Kay Silva

    I’ve been FRUITLESSLY looking for a good multivitamin + other supplements to keep me healthy. Sonya Dakar’s supplements sound WONDERFUL and I’d love to try them.

  2. jennifer semisa

    I never really realized how important it is to drink plenty of water, since I have more water intake what a difference I have noticed in my skin, looks more hydrated…and I try to exercise at least 4x a week

  3. Pam

    I have chosen a diabetic diet. My husband has been a diabetic for several years and gotten worse because he would not watch his diet. Now I only buy, cook and serve it if it’s diabetic. I feel terrific, have lost several pounds and my husband’s numbers are down.

  4. kate

    Homemade meals with at least half your plate being vegetables! And I try to serve fish to my family at least twice a week. We make vegetable soup with kale and cabbage and try to eat it a few times a week at dinner.

  5. Hannah Dixon

    I strive to stay healthy by using my juicer every day, working out at least 3 times per week, and doing things that make me happy & laugh whenever possible.

  6. Marie

    I stay healthy by being active. Cleaning horse stalls, playing with my children, and eating small portions.

  7. Katie

    Exercise, meditation and a whole foods diet. Being social also helps.

  8. Mary Kachinske

    Walking, lots of fruits and vegetables and water. I just had a Sonya facial and loved it…my skin just glowed…so these new healthy products are very intriguing!

  9. Patty C

    Let’s see, all I ever eat is fruit and veggies, (I’m so happy it’s melon time), yougurt and diet juices. When I do go out I use an umbrella, cuz of the meds I’m on, simple spf just isn’t dtrong enough, so i use an umbrella, it also helps you stay cooler. Several different vitamins. And once a week, for my face, I take vitamins A & E, the gel caps, pop a hole in them and massage it into my face, and it really works, if anyone wants to try it, would love to try your products

  10. lisa b

    Eat lots of fruits veggies and go for walks with my three grandchildren :)

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