DermStore Chats with Celebrity Makeup Artist Rose-Marie Swift

You’re in luck! DermStore caught up with celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire, Rose-Marie Swift, to chat about fall makeup trends before she heads off to Capri, Italy to work on the Louis Vuitton brochure with model Anna V and photographer Mark Segal! Between fabulous photoshoots—she just did two cover stories in Naples, Italy for Japanese Vogue with photographer Mario Sorrenti and models Rachel Zimmerman and Edita Vilkeviciute (so jealous!)—and celebrities’ makeup (she counts Gisele as a fan) she created her own organic color cosmetics line, RMS Beauty.

What were the most prominent makeup trends on the runway?

I believe the darker brow is making a comeback. After seeing so many bleached out brows in the last few seasons, years actually, now a real statement is being brought back to the brow. I feel it gives more power to the face and a sense of strength that is needed also in this day and age. A statement that one can handle the stresses of the real world and the economy.

How are fall’s fashion trends influencing the makeup?

I see a little 50’s which opens up some of the brighter pastels to the lips, yet I am also seeing a little bit of a monotone look to some of the models with a much lighter makeup application and not so directed in the so called “pretty direction.” More skin toned makeup…lighter lips in pale beiges/browns and eyes with more brown eyeshadows applied over the whole lid rather than the traditional brow highlight and deeper color shadowing through the mid eye bone (banana line area). That classic technique of eyeshadow application is not so visible with the new trends…it’s more a one sweep application with one color.

I feel like “high fashion” makeup is either too dramatic or only models can pull off the looks—basically, it can be a little intimidating. How can non-models make these makeup trends that we see on the runway and in magazines work off the catwalk and the fashion pages?

My best advice for that is to copy your inspiration, but just calm down the application and tone down the colors. All those looks can be copied using a lighter technique to still get the effect and therefore can be pulled off easier and made more wearable without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

What is YOUR favorite fall makeup trend?

I love the fact that the trends are going towards makeup with skin care benefits. It is not just about going and buying the latest color or lipstick. Women are really going for makeup products with healing benefits and skin care properties. It is like getting skin care in your color cosmetics. This is what RMS Beauty is all about.

Is there one makeup trend you think every girl should check out this fall?

I always and will always vouch for glowing skin. I have never liked a full pat down in the powder department as it ages and the dries out the skin—it’s terrible looking, like a dried out lake bed. The face is all about the glow and the best product to achieve this is RMS Beauty Luminizer. It gives a sheer, subtle glow that makes you look like you are in the best state of health and radiantly luminous, without the tacky sparkles found in traditional highlighters! This product is very unique to the beauty business. Literally, it complements the lightest made up face to the heaviest made up face.

Find out more about Rose-Marie Swift on her website

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