Dermstore & Decleor’s Charity giveaway

We’re extremely passionate about Earth day at Dermstore and we’re celebrating this month to the fullest. Along with offering natural  skin care, we appreciate our brands that make an effort to give back to their communities and have a great concept of corporate social responsibility. We’re happy to say that Decleor is one of the brands that does a great job with offering effective and luxurious natural beauty products.

In celebration of Earth day we’re giving away a huge gift bag of Decleor products worth over $250 to one lucky winner.

Giving back is important and we must take steps to go green and help save the planet. In coordination with Decleor, 10 runners up will receive a Super Natural Cosmetic Bag + Decleor will donate the value of the bags to ASMADA for planting trees in the Masindray Valley of Madagascar.

Decleor chairty giveaway

Tell us what you do to give back to your community to enter to win. For me, I love to recycle and have changed all the lights in my house to CFL‘s to help conserve energy. I also make a conscious effort to shop online and when grocery shopping, I bring my own bags to re-use. So the question is…

What do you do to give back?

There’s more! For all of our amazing blog readers we’re giving you 15% off of Decleor on! Use DECGIVE at checkout to get your discount! Giving back never felt so good

**1 winner and 10 runners up will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell us what you do to give back  on Dermstore & Decleor’s charity giveaway. Giveaway starts on 4/13/10 and ends 4/27/10 at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be announced during the time of 5/3/10 –5/15/10. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**

58 Responses to “Dermstore & Decleor’s Charity giveaway”

  1. JEWEL

    I collect food for the Food Bank and volunteer there to make boxes and pass out food. We live in a very small town so there isn’t a lot of ways to help others so this is awesome for me!

  2. Joann Keyes

    I donate time to various animal rescue societies. End up bring my work home… Thank God my Husband loves animals as much as I do!

  3. Kammi

    To give back to the community by working with autistic clients because I am hearing impaired myself and I know how or what is like to be “special needs” person. I like to support the special needs community by working for them. I am a skills trainer for autistic clients.

  4. Kay Silva

    I do everything I can think of to give back — I help elderly people with their shopping by providing transportation & in-store help; I recycle EVERYTHING that’s recycle-able; I speak lovingly to ALL trees and plants, even weeds; I knit wonderful coasters for my neighbors…they love them; I thank Planet Earth for every morsel of food or beverage I use; I take low-income neighbors to the local food bank and more.

  5. jennifer semisa

    My daughter and I adopted a higway, her friends and I every Saturday (if good weather), go along the road and pick up trash, also I had my attic blown with insallation to keep home warmer, and it helped alot

  6. Carol Guzman

    When I was a child , I would go with my mother to visit and take things to the elderly folks in our neighborhood. Just a short visit or a piece of mom’s apple pie gave them such joy. So as an adult I’ve carried the tradition on with my children. They are off living on their own lives now but as a therapist in home health I find myself giving alittle extra time and caring to my older patients. Often times ,they are alone and just my visit can make a big difference in their lives. I think giving of myself makes my days better also.

  7. Stacey

    Recycle paper, plastic bottles, anything that can be. We donate used clothes and electronics to the VA or Salvation Army. We donate pet food and other needed supplies and monetary gifts to our local animal shelters. Walk instead of drive where and when I can.

  8. Miriam Golds

    Every week when I have any appointments I always stop by the hospital and leave all my old magazines.
    Now when I pass by a year later even…all I see for the older people to read is the magazines I brought.

    I also ask my family and friends to save their old magazines so I can give them to people.

    And a few times on the bus a younger girl with a baby was looking at my magazine and I was done with it and asked her if she wanted my magazine…and the girl on the bus was so happy to have a new magazine to read!

    I am also nice to the older people on the bus or at the grocery store when they need help with anything like reaching packages!

    Also I buy all my meats and vegetables from the local farmer’s co-op and it is good to know my food does not travel far!

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