DermStore Welcomes Dr. Magovern

An announcement from DermStore PR is very excited to forge a new partnership with renowned dermatologist, Dr. Ashley Magovern. We are thrilled to have Dr. Magovern join the DermStore team as Medical Director. Dedicated to educating people on how to achieve ageless, healthy skin, Dr. Magovern brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to DermStore, where she provides expert advice to customers in search of a comprehensive skin care shopping experience.

“At DermStore we pride ourselves in offering our customers the most up-to-date information on the skin care and beauty industry. With over 60,000 product reviews, educational tools and an ever popular ‘Ask The Esthetician’ feature, we strive to keep our patrons well informed. Dr. Magovern is a wonderful addition to DermStore and will play a major role in furthering the resources we have available to consumers,” -Dan Obegi, CEO

We’re eager to expand our educational database a with Dr. Magovern’s aid. Dr. Magovern will routinely provide brand reviews, how-to videos and skin care advice on DermStore and through social media.

“As a dermatologist, I believe that a good skin care routine is essential and encourage patients to take advantage of the excellent products on the market today,” says Dr. Magovern.  “However, I find that most patients are overwhelmed with the abundance of skin care products available.  DermStore is an outstanding resource to not only find the best products, but to find educational tools. It has everything customers need to become their own skin care experts.”

Dr. Magovern will not only serve as an educational resource to our consumers, but will contribute to our internal operations as well. She is eager to assist the new business and brand development teams as a well-informed and unbiased source, participating in the review and selection processes of new and existing brands to ensure that all items sold meet DermStore’s exceptional standards.

About Dr. Magovern

Dr. Magovern earned her M.D., as well as a master’s degree in physiology and biophysics from Georgetown University. She subsequently completed her medical internship at Stanford University and her dermatology residency at the University of Illinois, where she served as chief resident. Before opening her private practice in Manhattan Beach, California, Dr. Magovern worked alongside world-renowned dermatologist Howard Murad at the Murad Inclusive Health Medical Group. Additionally, she spent two years in the dermatology department at UC San Francisco doing clinical and basic science research on the epidermal skin barrier. She also completed a one-year fellowship at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, working with a leader in pediatric dermatology. Dr. Magovern is also the author of several peer-reviewed journal articles.

Go to DermStore’s home page to learn more about Dr. Ashley Magovern and check out her recommended skin care picks.

17 Responses to “DermStore Welcomes Dr. Magovern”

  1. Valerie C.

    Welcome Dr. Magovern! I look forward to reading about your advice and skin care recommendations.

  2. Stephanie

    *~Welcome, Dr.Magovern :o)
    Looking forward to your recommendations~*!

  3. Julie

    Welcome and congratulations, Dr. Magovern! I look forward to learning more from you.

  4. Patricia H

    Welcome to Dermstore Dr. Magovern!! Looking forward to learning about your products here and on twitter.


  5. Nicholas Cung

    Welcome Dr. Magovern!!! Love your product recommendations and you’re very beautiful :)

  6. Maureen

    Welcome :-) Dermstore is fab and I look forward to reading your picks! @msmorev

  7. Diane Baum

    Welcome-look forward to reading your post. could you please touch on the Lupus rash?

  8. stacy thrun

    WELCOME Dr. Magovern! Looking forward to learning more from you! @slthrun3

  9. Lisa Grassetti

    Welcome Dr Magovern to Dermstore! I enjoy hearing advice from dermatologists.

  10. April

    Welcome Dr. Magovern. Great resume, lots of excellent experience. I’m looking forward to lots of great info & advice.

  11. Danyell

    Thank you in advance and welcome! Wishing you success beyond measure.

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