DermStore’s 10th Anniversary – Our Favorite Video

Source: user hitthatswitch

Source: user hitthatswitch

We have a lot of great videos on our site, but if we have to pick a favorite, the Nia24 video definitely is a scene-stealer. It gives you an insider look at this amazing professional skin care brand and its unique ability to transform your aging, sun-damaged skin.

So, how exactly does Nia24 work? It has everything to do with its patented Pro-Niacin formula. Pro-Niacin was created by Nia24 with a unique delivery system to penetrate the skin and deliver Niacin into the skin cells.

Niacin, also known as B3, is an already well-known nutritional supplement for reducing cholesterol and improving metabolism. Recently, it has also been proven to help the skin protect and repair itself from sun damage and aging.

So, what makes Pro-Niacin different?

First, ProNiacin uses nicotinic acid, a form of Niacin that stimulates the release of the hormone leptin (a natural repair hormone) that heals skin cells and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Second, its structure is different. Without getting too technical here, it’s important to understand that Pro-Niacin has the ability to get deep into the skin because it has been altered from “water loving” to “fat loving.” The outer layers of the skin are rich in fat, so in order to penetrate these layers, a fat-loving Pro-Niacin can work its way through to the cellular level where it can really make a difference.

Third, Pro-Niacin absorbs slowly, which means it does not cause vasodilation. What is vasodilation you ask? Good question. It’s what happens when your skin turns red. Basically, vasodilation is when your blood vessels dilate, which in the face, often results in redness and irritation. The slow absorption of Pro-Niacin keeps your skin calm and happy.

Want to learn more about what Nia24 can do for you? Watch our video. We’re sure it will become a favorite of yours too!

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